What exactly is a ribbon of color? It’s the beautiful central design theme around our newest photo app crush: LoryStripes.

This hot new app ($1.99 in the Apple App Store) is a totally new take on your regular old photo filter. Instead of changing up the colors and tones of the photo you just took, LoryStripes lets you add well-designed ribbons and lines (called “Stripes”) to any photo on your camera roll.

In this case, the pictures really do tell the story here. It’s hard to conceptualize what a ribbon or “stripe” might be unless you browse through examples. With 62 stunning colors and 9 different shadings and blends for every stripe, the possibilities are pretty darn endless.

We love how you can easily match your selected stripes to your photos, and you can even knock out parts of the stripe to make it really look like a ribbon weaving its way through your photo.

Would you use this app? What other photo apps do you use on a regular basis? Talk to us in the comments below.