Lush has been doing pretty well for itself this year. From products that combat anxiety to a fun twist (pun intended) on fidget spinners and magical substances that make your bath water turn to jelly, there’s been a lot going on. Now the company has done something big for the holidays, and it has to do with its famous bath bombs.

The Giant Golden Wonder ($20) is not your typical bath fizz. While the formula is the same as that of the brand’s traditional bombs, the size is vastly different. The normal ones you’ll find on the store’s fragrant shelves clock in at 0.5 pounds, but the Giant is a staggering 2.6 pounds — nearly sixtimes the weight — and it takes three days to assemble one.

According to Bustle, the present-shaped bomb will be available only for the holiday season on the Lush website starting today and in stores starting December 15.

Plenty of time to get one for everyone on your nice list! If you happen to want to snag one for yourself as well, just be prepared for a long, luxurious bath; just like the rest of the members of the Lush fizz family, you’ve gotta use it all at once. So go ahead. You deserve it.

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(Photos via Lush Cosmetics)