When we watched the main character in the Oscar-winning film Her talk to his computer, it seemed futuristic but not improbable. We already talk to our iPhones , Apple watches and tablets so why shouldn鈥檛 we be able to chat with our most extensive device? Well, it seems like that time has finally come. According to a 9to5Mac the next major release of the Mac operating system (OS X 10.12) should include Siri.


Apparently, Apple has been working on a Siri integration for since at least 2012, but there is now a polished user-interface that鈥檚 set to be announced in June at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. 9to5Mac explains, 鈥淚nstead of integrating Siri as a swipe menu akin to the Mac鈥檚 Notification Center or as a full-screen view like on the iPhone and even the iPad Pro, Siri for the Mac will live in the Mac鈥檚 Menu Bar. Similar to the Spotlight magnifying glass icon for search and notifications icon for Notification Center, a Siri icon in the top right corner of the menu bar will activate the voice control feature.鈥 It will likely look something like this鈥

What exactly you鈥檇 use Siri for on your computer, 9to5Mac doesn鈥檛 specify. However, we鈥檙e guessing it鈥檇 probably be utilized much like all your other devices. Need two numbers added up real quick? Wondering if you have any new emails? Need to Facetime a friend? Want to hear a funny joke? Siri can definitely help you with that.

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