Decorating Easter eggs can provided endless hours of creative fun, but then you run into the problem of鈥 what do I do with these eggs now? We鈥檝e brought you four ways to display your eggs and now we鈥檒l show you one more 鈥 The mini macrame! We鈥檝e molded one of our favorite plant holders into a baby basket for an egg. How cute are these? Our air plants and succulents better watch out for the month of March and April, 鈥檆ause we have a new favorite hanging 鈥減lant.鈥



鈥 hard boiled, raw, or blown egg

鈥 yarn


鈥 scissors


1. Cut eight strings of yarn that measure about 16 inches.

2. Tie them together in a knot about 2 inches from the bottom.

3. Tie pairs of strings together in a knot about half an inch from the group knot. You should now have four knots 鈥 four groupings of two strings.

4. Separate the duos and create new groups of two. Tie in a knot about half an inch from the previous knot.

5. Repeat step 4 and then add in your egg to your mini pouch.

6. Tie a knot on top to hold all strings together 鈥 this will make it easier to hang.


Cut eight pieces of yarn that measure about 16 inches. Feel free to make it longer (or a tad shorter) if you want it to hang at a certain height.


Group two strings together and tie a knot about half an inch from the group knot. Split that into pairs and tie two strings together from different groups. You will want to do this three times to get three rows of knots.


Insert your egg into your mini macrame! Tie a knot on top to keep the strings together and make it easy to hang.


Create your egg macrame from different materials. Try using baker鈥檚 twine or multi-colored yarn.


Since the baker鈥檚 twine was thinner, we did four rows of knots. This secured the egg in its little mini hanging basket.


What a fun way to display eggs! We suggest hanging them in your windows or outside in a tree.


Need some ideas for decorating your easter egg? We鈥檝e got tons 鈥 check them out!

How do you display your Easter eggs? Tell us in the comments below and share pictures using the hashtag #iamcreative!