As the old saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, folks. As much as we love a crinkle-filled basket (filled with fab gifts for Easter, natch) and the classic egg cup, it may be time to switch up that ol’ Easter display. Your beautiful eggs are dye-ing to be shown off, so why not flaunt them in a totally un-eggs-pected way? (Let’s see how many puns we can jam into this paragraph, shall we?) We’re bringing you our four favorite egg display hacks, all DIY-able in five minutes or less. Now, let’s hop to it!


The Bouquet Buddy


Put your prettiest blown eggs on a wooden skewer, then place into a bouquet of flowers. (PS, loving my mani? Get the watercolor nail art tutorial here!)


This would make a perfect centerpiece for your Easter brunch tablescape, don’t you think?


The Candlestick Hack


We touched up our glow-in-the-dark-candlesticks for this one. Gussy up candlesticks of varying heights, place one egg on each and call it a day.


The more colors, the better!


Swingin’ Eggs


This swinging egg hack takes an ounce more effort than the previous two, but it’s still a breeze (pun totally and completely intended).


Cut a few pieces of baker’s twine at varying lengths. Tie an office staple to the end of each piece with a double knot. Then carefully place the staple in the top hole of your blown egg.


When you pull at the string, the staple will sit perpendicular to the twine, locking it in place. Cool, huh?


The Wannabe Egg Cup


Can we take a moment to appreciate the humble napkin ring? This bad boy does so much more than hold linens. Remind us to do more napkin ring hacks in the future, k?


Use tape to make a pattern, then paint over all of the exposed ring.


Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape. Easiest update ever.


How do you display your Easter eggs? Have you tried any of these hacks? Share with us in the comments below!