Long gone are the days of basic apply and wash-off face masks. Nowadays, if you want to give yourself a DIY spa treatment, you have to decide if you want to try a bubble mask, clay mask, sheet mask or 鈥 wait for it 鈥 magnetic mask (!?). The newest addition to 21st-century skincare is just as fun to watch as it is to use.

Similar to sheet masks, part of magnetic masks鈥 appeal is the fact that no water is required. Here鈥檚 how it works: Apply the mask using a spatula. Spread a thin, even layer all over your face, and let it set for about five minutes. All this is pretty straightforward, but here鈥檚 where it gets interesting: To get the mask off, wrap the provided magnetic tool with plastic wrap and simply press and move it all over your face. The mask is magically sucked off in one fell swoop. It鈥檚 seriously mesmerizing to watch.

The idea with magnetic masks is basically that the magnet will lift out dirt, impurities and excess oil in your skin. Plus, it鈥檚 just super fun! Both videos posted above use Milky Dress鈥 Black Luster Mask from Memebox ($52). Sephora also has a magnetic mask available from Dr. Brandt Skincare, but it鈥檚 slightly more expensive, coming in at $75.

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