Korea is pretty much the mecca of beauty treatments at the moment, and its products are only now making waves worldwide with BB creams, cushion compacts and new favorite brands. Actually, skincare in Asia as a whole has long been a carefully practiced tradition passed on generation to generation since — well, forever. The latest trend in skin care to break out of Asia onto the world stage is here, and it’s been makin’ cameos on celeb Instagrams all over the place: sheet masks.


Case in point, this hilarious photo Chrissy Teigen shared of herself chillin’ yesterday. While this particular skincare trend has been largely attributed to Korea, in reality sheet masks have ruled all over Asia for probably a decade. After all, the brand that Chrissy Teigen (+ Cate Blanchett and a slew of celebs and models) swear by actually originated in Japan.


Sure, having a white cotton mask swathing your face might look pretty funny — the hilarious Jenny Slate even threw a sheet mask-wearing party with her friends — you just can’t deny the power of a sheet mask. The right ones leave your skin hydrated, glowing and firm, they can treat hyper-pigmentation and the list of benefits goes on and on. Bonus: they are affordable! Here are 10 to try.


1. Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask ($8): Purifying, calming and hydrating, this mask is the perfect summer sheet mask. It’s got lots of skin goodies like collagen and chamomile to help keep your skin calm and moisturized.


2. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask ($135): This face mask is pretty much the holy grail of all face masks thanks to SK-II’s special trademark ingredient, Pitera, a fusion of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. The ageless Cate Blanchett has been their spokesmodel for years. They aren’t cheap — this ten-pack will cost you a pretty penny — but they are so worth it.


3. Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask ($8): This detoxifying mask by Boscia is meant to minimize the appearance of your pores as well as draw out toxins. They’re not made with ordinary cotton, but rather a hyrdogel material, which is supposed to retain moisture better and longer than regular sheet masks.


4. Cremorlab Aqua Tank Hydro Plus Water-Full Mask ($12): These Cremorlab masks are a Korean favorite. They’re also made of hydrogel. This one is good for tightening and firming up your skin. Use it before you apply makeup.


5. Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask ($63): This pack has a unique feature in that it separates the sheets for the top and bottom halves of the face and comes with four of each. You can apply both at the same time or use them separately. Jam-packed with skin-healing retinol, this mask is supposed to improve the texture of your skin.


6. Caolion Herb-Su Tea Tree Mask ($5): This wallet-friendly option is perfect for those who struggle with acne. It’s loaded up with tea tree oil, which is supposed to help calm redness and soothe irritated skin. It’s also made with 100% cotton, so you know it won’t aggravate your skin further.


7. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask ($2): If you’ve got combination skin, this might be your saving grace. This mask will hydrate where you’re dry but keep your oily T-Zone in check. Plus, at just two dollars a sheet, it’s extremely affordable!


8. Karuna Luxe Skin Restoring Face Mask ($48): These sheets are the key to brightening up dull skin. They have Hyaluronic Acid to help keep your skin supple too. One box comes with four sheets.


9. Manefit Bling Bling Wrinkle Gold Mask ($6): If you’ve been noticing some wrinkles, this mask might be what you’re looking for. It has grapefruit extract and sea water to help smooth out those fine lines.


10. Jurlique Purely Bright Facial Treatment Mask ($54): This five-pack of Jurlique masks is fantastic for brightening up the appearance of your skin, and the results are said to last for days. Formulated without parabens and sulfates, these masks are supposed to minimize the appearance of dark spot over time.

Will you be trying out any of these sheet masks? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via @chrissyteigen + @jennyslate)