Let’s just get the obvious out of the way, shall we? Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig are funny AF. But lots of people are funny. Not everyone is funny AND at the helm of a successful creative collab with their pals, culminating in a *feature film.* This is the stuff of dreams.

The pair met in New York nearly a decade ago as up-and-coming improv performers. At the same time, Grace had started toying around on YouTube after getting frustrated with an audition circuit that seemed to be going nowhere. Meanwhile, Mamrie was also rolling out her own YouTube series You Deserve a Drink. The two joined forces and the rest is… well, not exactly history. More like history in the making. The pair joined us at Re:Make 2016 to share their life tips.

Grace Mamrie

1. “Follow your fear.” If you’re afraid of something, Grace reasons, it probably means you care about it. Go after your fears and growth is inevitable.

2. “No one knows what they’re doing in life, which is very freeing.” Grace again, dropping the BOMB of truth. What does it mean? Do what you want, knowing that nobody really has any answers. The only rule is to do what works for you. Imagine that!

3. “The goal is to make playing your job.” Mamrie points out that the cliché of doing something that you love for a living is really true. Living creatively and playfully, and extending that to your line of work, is a great way to live a life that feels purposeful and fulfilled.

4. “Just keep graduating.” This is what Mamrie says is her and Grace’s guiding star in their joint creative ventures. It’s good life advice in general: To try and achieve growth and, y’know, success through hard work and learned lessons, instead of luck and circumstance. (Though ain’t nothing wrong with a little luck and circumstance too, wink wink.) How very practical!

5. “Make things that you’re really proud of and see what happens.” Grace Helbig, ladies and gentlemen. Challenge accepted!

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(Photo via Chris Andre)