While I’ve been letting my hair grow out, when I don’t have it up in a budding bun, I’ve found it hard to contain. I’ve styled my growing man bun with headbands to tame my baby flyaways, got a trim to freshen up my in-progress look and even thrown a hat over my head on a more than occasional basis to cover the often unruly locks when I just didn’t feel like doing anything with it. This week however I took inspo from a trend in men’s hair that blew up last week, the man braid, and let our DIY Editor Kelly Bryden have at my hair to give my man bun an impressive, put together appearance (because, let’s be honest, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do this hair technique myself). She’s rocking a hot hairstyle for the gal’s, the double bun, FYI ;)

Yeah, there are plenty of ways to style a man bun, but I thought why not hop in on a trend while I’m already participating in another trend. You feel me? Y/N?!

For my hair length Kelly chose to go with the classic and simple French braid — a small one, but a cute one. Makes sense since I definitely don’t have enough hair for all those detailed styles other guys are going with for their man braid. Maybe one day ;)

She started styling my hair like any other braid process goes — dividing and conquering, aka splitting it and weaving it. The process only took basically a minute, I don’t have hair that is multiple feet long after all, and ended the braid with a lil ponytail. I learned it only takes a minute to totally transform my appearance. Hey Kelly, down for a standing braid appointment every morning?!

After Kelly styled it, I rocked the man braid all day long at the office and got plenty of compliments throughout. A lot of my coworkers were impressed by the the braid, letting me know they liked it and even asking if *I* braided it (LOL, no way).

If your guy has a man bun or just has long hair and doesn’t know what to do with it, why not try and give him a man braid. Or even let him try and work his hand magic and do it himself. Check out our Braids 101 for the scoop. He’ll be able to tackle the various ways of braiding in no time… fingers and hair crossed.

Thanks for the braid work, Kelly! Get inspo outside of hair from Kelly, aka Halloween (and so much more), from all of her DIY costumes. Then shoot any man bun growth and styling secrets my way STAT! See ya again real soon.

Got any thoughts on the man braid? Do you prefer the man bun over the man braid? Hate ’em both? Love them equally? Share all your emotions — and any braiding/man bun hacks you’ve got — in the comments!