A group of Santa Monica dads is attempting to set the record straight about fatherhood. “It’s ridiculous that in this day and age dads are still being represented as bumbling idiots who can’t properly feed their children,” says Drew Falkman. Falkman, together with a few other fathers in the area, make up Man Vs Baby, a community of dads working to reverse that “bumbling idiots” stereotype. (Also worth checking out: these 15 surprising facts about working moms and stay-at-home dads.)

“We meet at least once a week [and talk about] how we can best represent and participate on a larger level to help promote the idea of what we call the ‘new father,'” Falkman tells us. “These are the dads who are more active in their children’s lives than they ever have been, they may even be the primary parent, and we are underrepresented and misrepresented in the media.”

Man Vs Baby is releasing video vignettes of what modern dads are really like. They’re also inventors. The dads are currently using Kickstarter to fund Freedom Pants, which are essentially cargo pants and a diaper bag all in one. The two thigh pockets are roomy enough to stash plenty of baby essentials, and there’s also a waterproof removable pocket. “You can seriously put a wet swimsuit in the pocket — or dare I say, a used diaper — and your leg will never get wet,” says Falkman. Check out their funny Kickstarter video to see more of what Freedom Pants can do. If you want a pair for yourself, a pledge of $99 will do it.

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