Kickstarter‘s been on fire the last few weeks! Or maybe it’s that spring just inspires folks to get out of hibernation and share their innovations and ideas with the world. Whatever it is, we’re into it. And here are 10 of the latest and greatest Kickstarter has to offer.

1. Maker’s Alphabet: We are swooning like whaaat over this Maker’s Alphabet. It’s an alphabet book made for makers, with things like “A is for Arduino,” “O is for Origami” and the like.

2. Zulu Zion Socks: Leave those Christmas socks for the holidays and rock these Zulu Zion socks instead. They’ll make your feet totally happy. A pledge of $15’ll get you first on the list to “sock” up!

3. LifePrint Wifi Photo Printer: At first you might be thinking, okay it’s a portable wireless printer and that’s pretty cool as is. But this thing takes it a step further. Not only can you print on the go, but you can send photos directly to ANY LifePrint printer in the WORLD. The freaking world! The makers of this printer describe it as creating a physical photo social network. You can follow a photographer or friend you love, and their photos will automatically print just like they automatically post. How cool is that? And all for a $99 Early Bird pledge.

4. ChargeOriginal Cables: These braided USB cords look good, and are designed to last way longer than that plastic-covered cord your phone came with.

5. Fotobit Modular Photo Framing System: When’s the last time you actually printed a photo? You need to get on it! And then you need to cut them into squares and frame them using this hip new framing system. You simply cut, frame, and click them into place.

6. A Goose That Lays Golden Eggs: That is seriously the title of this Kickstarter project. Now, what is this about? This hand-powered gadget creates scrambled eggs… IN THE SHELL. For real. The devices uses centrifugal force to scramble an egg without breaking the shell. We definitely want to give this a try!


: Got $10 and glasses that slide down your nose every 20 minutes? Then you probably need some nerd wax, bro.

8. Cella Nature Pods: These beautiful pods are made of flexible, lightweight plastic designed to house mosses and small plants. Each pod creates a microclimate that allows plants to thrive indoors or out, and can be attached to walls or stand alone. Love the idea of creating an installation with a whole bunch of these dotting a wall.

9. The Surfari Towel: It’s a towel that looks like a zebra skin rug, and it’s coming to a park filled with hipsters very, very soon ;)

10. Genesis of Cookies Poster: And finally, a poster that illustrates the origin of the world’s most popular cookies.

Have you ever funded a project on Kickstarter? What was your experience like? Talk to us in the comments below.