If there’s one trend to sum up 2017 thus far, it’d be “unicorn.” There’s a unicorn version of just about everything these days: boots, flowers, frappes, and even unicorn snot. One makeup artist has taken to Instagram to show fans her own version by turning her husband into a “manicorn.”

In the video, Kristen Leanne, founder of the hair color company Arctic Fox, used her mad mascara skills to color her husband Ryan’s facial hair in unicorn-esque hues. No magic (or bleach) required!

Instead, Leanne used all three shades of Pop Beauty Lashy Flashy Mascara ($16) as the paintbrush for her husband’s eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

She begins with Tantalizing Teal on her hubby’s brows and upper half of the mustache before blending in Blue Bloom on the lower half of the ‘stache and upper half of the beard. She finishes his look off with some Purple Passion at the bottom — oooh! Aaah! We get the sense that the couple has done this before — Ryan is remarkably unflinching as she works! He then rubs his hands over his beard and displays his fingers to the camera, showing that the mascara didn’t smudge.

We’re not sure how well this would work for an everyday look, but there’s still plenty of upcoming music fests to hit this year, so why not, right? Have at it, boys!

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(h/t POPSUGAR; photos via Kristen Leanne/Instagram + POP Beauty)