Just last week, Starbucks debuted their limited-time, Instagram-ready Unicorn Frappuccino to the masses. While some, including many baristas, hate the drink, others were happy to take a selfie with the now-infamous candy-colored concoction. Turns out, however, that the photo-worthy potential itself is exactly why the coffee chain decided to create the limited-edition beverage.

According to a spokesperson, the real reason Starbucks rushed to create the Unicorn Frapp was to get something viral on Instagram. 鈥淭he look of the beverage was an important part of its creation. Our inspiration came from the fun, spirited and colorful unicorn-themed food and drinks that have been trending on social media.鈥

This might explain why some people (ahem Katy Perry) did not like the unicorn-y taste. Starbucks is usually quite rigorous in their testing (like when they tried a stout flavored latte in 2014), which is why the sudden arrival of the Unicorn frapp had some wondering why the company just dumped a new drink into our laps.

Clearly, Starbucks has decided it鈥檚 best to utilize the free advertising that Instagram-ready drinks provide. With everyone鈥檚 unicorn obsession in full-force, it was probably really smart on their part to concoct a drink like the Unicorn Frapp.

While some people might feel upset that Starbucks is utilizing social media in this way, it鈥檚 clearly a genius plan. Hopefully, though, the next drink they come up with won鈥檛 be so polarizing.

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(h/t HelloGiggles; photo via Starbucks)