When those store-bought birthday cards just don鈥檛 cut it (which, let鈥檚 be honest, is most the time), you can always count on the Internet to help you find the perfect birthday card. From letterpress to beautifully hand-illustrated works of art, the online world of stationery is booming with super unique finds for everyone on your list. If you have some March birthdays coming up, this list of punny, pretty and pop culture-inspired cards will help your beloved birthday babes feel the L-O-V-E. Think: Burgers and Bey-inspired! Keep scrolling to find that one special birthday card to give to your fave March babe.


1. Amy Heitman Happy Birthday to Ewe Card ($5): Did you know that an ewe is a female sheep? We didn鈥檛 either, but who cares! This gorgeous hand-illustrated birthday card from Amy Heitman is great for the girly girl, youngster or animal lover on your b-day list.

birthday party essentials card

2. Odd Daughter Paper Co. Happy B-Day Hot Stuff Card ($6): Your birthday bestie will love this list of must-have items for a bangin鈥 b-day bash. Use it to let them know you鈥檙e totally prepared to party the night away.


3. Dear Hancock Smiling Balloons Card ($5): This cute balloon-filled birthday card is putting off some major emoji vibes and is sure to put a smile on your friend鈥檚 face. Bonus points if you pair it with an IRL smiley face balloon.


4. Poketo Pizza Birthday Card ($5): This one鈥檚 loaded with cheese and totally cute. For your bestie who thinks pizza > cake, send 鈥檈m this illustrated birthday pizza card.


5. Sapling Press No Idea Letterpress Card ($5): Age ain鈥檛 nothin鈥 but a number. Whether you have no clue how old they鈥檙e turning or you鈥檙e just being polite, this is the cleverest (and most stylish) way to send your birthday greeting.


6. Rifle Paper Co. Shimmering Birthday Card ($5): Sometimes, less is more. This shimmering birthday card is was made for your friend who likes things minimal with just a hint of gold.


7. Chalkscribe You Slay Happy Bey-Day Card ($5): Okay, ladies, now let鈥檚 get in formation. No one slays like Bey, but if your friend鈥檚 a close second in rad-ness (or just a Beyonc茅 fan), this Bey-day card is the perfect choice.


8. Quill +聽Fox Blowin鈥 Candles Card ($5): There鈥檚 no way this 鈥淢ake a Wish鈥 birthday card could get lost in the heap of letters when it looks this pretty. Use the blank inside to let them know how you can help make their wish come true.


9. Hartland Brooklyn Happy Birthday Burger Card ($5): What鈥檚 better than a burger? A birthday burger, of course! Gift this card to your foodie bestie along with a delicious birthday lunch.


10. Moorea Seal Sweet Birthday Card ($6): Whether you鈥檙e local or relying on snail mail to send the message, pair this card with a donut from their favorite shop. Add a few candles and a message about your awesome friendship to make their birthday sweet in every way.

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