From expert makers to fantastic photographers and artists, we’re all about creative types. But the really amazing crafters, the ones who have special places in our hearts, are the ones who do something entirely different, entirely unexpected and ridiculously gorgeous.


That’s what we found when we stumbled across Maude White, an artist who makes insanely intricate illustrations using only paper.


White makes the most of negative space, cutting away thin line after thin line of paper until her detailed images begin to reveal themselves. Her largest series called What’s Left on the Farm, which features images of women with items caught in their long and flowing hair, shows off her skill at both designing realistic tangles and keeping the details crisp and clean.


Using a stylus and a cut-proof board, White carefully strips away the paper around the image, like a sculptor working with a piece of marble. White says, “When I cut paper, I feel as if I am peeling back the outer, superficial layer of our vision to reveal the secret space beneath.” If we may say so, that so-called secret space is simply stunning.


What do you think of these paper illustrations? Are you inspired to try some of your own? Tell us in the comments below!