If you ever have a mad craving for a Big Mac and handful of fries but don’t quite have the gumption to lug your hungry bod out the door, or feel like your co-workers would appreciate a McD’s catered meeting, then we have some amazing news for you. Your fave fast food franchise — that’s right, we’re talking about McDonalds (who totally just blew our minds by introducing a Nutella burger) — now has plans to deliver, making it that much easier to indulge your McNugget desires.

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Starting next month (January of 2017), McDonalds will begin testing a delivery system in various cities, starting with 200 restaurants in Orlando, Tampa and Miami. Lucky Florida!

Using UberEATS to make their meals mobile, if things go as well as planned, we’ll soon be seeing Mickey Dee deliveries in cities across the country.

No more slinking along the drive-thru in your PJs to nab those morning hash browns!

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(h/t Elite Daily)