Fries lovers, rejoice: All-you-can-eat french fries are soon going to be a thing. Chris Habiger, proprietor of the soon-to-be newest McDonald’s in St. Joseph, Missouri, gave a press conference last week announcing the opening of his new franchise, at which he will completely change the fast food game.


There are a number of important changes the St. Joseph McDonald’s will implement, but perhaps the most immediately important is all-you-can-eat fries. Yes, you read that right. If you customize your burger, you can eat as many of those delicious, salted-to-the-heavens, horrifyingly unhealthy treats as you want for one low price.

This deal will only be found at what Habiger called “a new kind of McDonald’s, one that the majority of the United States has yet to experience.” Will this be like a stateside version of Hong Kong’s McDonald’s Next, we wonder?


The store’s biggest changes are digital kiosks for ordering, which sound very cool and future-tech, and the option to customize burgers and desserts. The store will also feature “an entirely new decor package” (!) that includes wood, stone, “vibrant colors” and new, more comfortable seating. If you’re a fan of the traditional plastic chairs, don’t worry: They’ll still be around, but there will be couches and chairs interspersed.

If you live in Missouri and you like McDonald’s, mark July 2016 on your calendar, because it’s your time to shine, baby. And everyone else should think about making a trip to St. Joseph some time later this year to see what the “future” of McDonald’s is going to look like.

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(Photos via Getty, St. Joseph McDonald’s Facebook)