Are you looking to add a little vintage vibe to your decor? Then say hello to mercury glass, your new best friend. Not only does it glam up a room, but it’s also a great way to feature some rustic or antique accessories in your wedding. We can all agree that it looks gorgeous, but unfortunately, it can also get really pricey if you try to buy it all. Luckily the DIY version is as simple as spray, mist, dab. Upcycle your collection of saved glass jars and thrift store bottles to make a gorgeous mercury glass display that barely costs you anything. From candle holders to succulent vases to ornaments, here are 10 easy mercury glass DIYs that look like a million bucks.

1. Gold Mercury Glass: Get a warmer glow by layering gold and silver paint while you’re creating the mercury glass effect. (via Home Heart Craft)

2. Mercury Glass Tray: Turn an inexpensive picture frame into a glamorous jewelry tray with a little spray, mist and dab. (via Sprinkles in Springs)

3. Mercury Glass Candles: If you’re making these for a wedding or party, dress up some cheap glassware from thrift stores to get a glam look for a fraction of the price. They look stunning solo, or you can group ’em together for extra sparkle. (via Ruffled)

4. Glass Succulent Holders: Mismatched mercury glass jars are perfect little pots for low-maintenance succulents. Make a little collection and arrange them on your coffee table or desk for an antique feel. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

5. Mercury Glass Mason Jars: Depending on how thick you spray the silver paint and how much vinegar you use, you’ll get a variety of shades and finishes. If you want a more subtle look, opt for very light layers. (via She Laughs)

6. Mercury Glass Ornament: Instead of paying a fortune for fancy glass ornaments, make your own out of plastic animals from the toy shop or craft store. Just screw in an eye hook, spray with looking glass paint and apply a sealant so your pretty ornament lasts forever. (via Create Craft Love)

7. Instant Antique Candleholders: Like magic, you can turn clear vases into “mercury glass” with some mirror paint and water for a result that looks authentically vintage. (via Martha Stewart)

8. Glass Centerpieces: With flower vases and candle holders, mercury glass can complement or complete any wedding theme from rustic to boho to romantic. (via Wedding Party)

9. Tinted Jars: To tint your mercury glass, buy some blue or green Mason jars and then apply the looking glass paint. It will give your jars a very soft colored effect that looks amazing with a candle. (via Michaels)

10. Mercury Glass Lamp: Dress up a thrift store lamp with a mercury glass DIY for a real “wow” effect. To get the exact color you want, paint the lamp white, gold or blue first to give it a pretty tint. (via Decor Chick)

Do you like the antique look of mercury glass? Talk to us in the comments below!