As we get closer and closer to the holidays, we’re starting to think about dinner parties, hosting our friends and family, and, of course, the ever-important ambiance of our homes. A couple candles on your dining table creates an instant vibe of warmth and coziness, but you need a stylish home for said candles. We’ve already created Colorful Clay Votives, half a dozen different Painted Candlesticks, and rounded up a whole bunch of DIY candle holders, but we still need more! What else is there to do but round up our favorite candle holders on the market? ;)

1. Mid-Century Vase & Candle Holder Set ($75): This hybrid piece includes both a vase and a candle holder, and we love the cactus creeping around in the background.

2. True Feelings ($26): These were created by two blindfolded designers! How cool is that?

3. Gilded Faceted Candle Holder ($65): Gorgeous faceted geometric forms would look right at home on any modern dining table or dresser.

4. Nappula Candlestick Holders ($39): Sort of pod-like in shape, we dig the idea of gathering up a whole collection of these as the centerpiece of a dining table.

5. Geo-Tinted Candle Holder ($12-$16): We wonder what cool colorful shadows might be cast from these geo-tinted candle holders.

6. Hexagon Candle Stick Holder Set ($148): This set of wooden hexagons inspires us to find a nearby woodshop and try our hand at making our own set. Love all the different woodgrain patterns at play.

7. Wood/Wood/Wood Candle Holder ($35): The name of this candle holders is enough to make us write about it. Love the potential for stacking and creating a scene with lots of different levels.

8. Silver Mercury Glass Votive Holders, Set of 3 ($12): We know this roundup is all about modern candle holders, but there’s something sort of vintage and modern about these, don’t you think?

9. Agate Candle Holders ($110): Agate is having a moment. Ever since collecting agate slices from Natural Wonders in the ’90s, I’ve personally had a thing for agate… everything. These candle holders are no exception.

10. Stem-to-Stem ($298): We love the delicate look of these seemingly stacked glass candleholders. They look as if they might topple over at any moment. And the bunny? Um yes.

11. Light My Bowler ($41): Come on baby light my… bowler? This quirky candle holder gives a nod to hipsters, classic paintings, and hat makers alike.

12. Candle Holder House ($51): This house frame would look fantastic on a bookshelf or on the mantel of a non-working fireplace.

13. Jonathan Adler Happy Chic ($11): You know we can’t resist a dip, especially when it involves wood and the color blue.

14. Recycled Concrete Dipped Candle Holders ($29): Made from recycled concrete, these neon dipped candle holders would be a breeze to DIY!

15. Marble Stone Candle Holder ($44): Something about this looks very official, like it belongs in a castle somewhere on the bedside tray of a king. Or maybe I’ve been waiting too desperately for new episodes of Game of Thrones?

16. Pleated Candleholder ($12): I’m digging the sort of muted but bold tones of these “pleated” candleholders. But fear not, pleated pants will never be in. Never.

17. Gallant Horse Candle Holder ($24): Channel your inner 10-year-old who still wants a pony ;) But for real, this quirky piece would be a great accent piece alongside more basic black ceramic candlesticks.

18. Bottle Candle Holder ($148): Most of us have probably tried using a wine bottle as a candle holder, but what about a cool bottle outline that’s actually made for holding a candle?

19. Totem Votive Set ($28): This set of three votives makes for either three tea light holders or one rather grand candlestick-style centerpiece.

20. Lantern Framework ($32): It’s like a terrarium… for candles!

21. Ombre Mercury Glass Candlestick ($24): For some reason this candlestick totally reminds us of a mermaid. We love the idea of trying a DIY take with our wooden candlesticks.

22. Valkand 4-Pack ($10): Last, a set of four pops of color courtesy of IKEA. These sort of look like measuring cups, and would work great in a dorm room… provided you’re allowed to burn candles.

Do you incorporate candles into your home decor? What other products would you like us to explore? Talk to us in the comments below.