Unicorns, move over — it’s time to make room for a new beloved mythical creature. Mermaids are swimming their way into the spotlight, and we have just the thing to help you dive right into this trend. Bring the under-the-sea vibes into the bedroom with some mermaid decor, like this dreamy AF scaled curtain headboard. Grab some sheer fabric and a curtain rod, and you’re ready to go!

Materials and Tools:


  1. Layer the sheer fabric over the curtain rod and cut the hem at different lengths.
  2. To secure the position of the curtains, stitch the fabric at the top of the rod.
  3. Cut out scales from the faux leather and cover with the vinyl. You can mix them up and even keep some white.
  4. Hang the curtain to your wall. Hang the scales at different lengths to the curtain rod with the fishing line.
  5. Give your curtains and scales any final adjustments, and then sit back and enjoy.

Set aside a large space and cut the fabric to your liking. We went with a soft wave to show the different colors and layers of the fabric.

Once you have everything in place, stitch the top of the fabric so it’s secured to the curtain rod. You won’t want them slipping around when you’re installing the curtain.

Make some colorful scales to hang as well. Cut a scale shape out of the faux leather and cover a few with the holographic vinyl. We love using the faux leather because it gives a nice texture, while being sturdy enough to hang down from the curtain rod.

You can always lay out your scales to see how you want them to hang around your curtain.

Next up, install your curtain rod and hang the scales using the fishing line from the rod. Arrange them in clusters and at different lengths for a dynamic effect.

We decided to have the scales hang free from the curtain for more dimension, giving off some nice light and shadow.

Lastly, make any final adjustments to your curtains.

Take a step back and soak it in! This will definitely take your mermaid decor to the next level.

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DIY Production: Lee Schellenberger

Styling: Lindsay Saito, Lee Schellenberger + Cassidy Miller

Photography: Brittany Griffin