Coming home to an organized space is truly something magical. It’s so much easier to be productive and manage stress when your abode is as put-together as you want to be. Conquer spring cleaning by tossing out some things from your pantry and organizing your fridge first, because it turns out that keeping your kitchen tidy may help you meet your healthy eating goals.

healthy breakfast in kitchen

A study conducted at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab found that cluttered environments can have a profound impact on how and what you eat. In their experiment, they led two groups of women into a well-organized kitchen and a messy kitchen, then asked them to describe a time they felt in control. Snacks were served, of course. After a short period of time in the chaotic space, the women in the messy kitchen had eaten twice as many cookies as their zen counterparts.

The researchers believe that distracting spaces, such as cluttered offices or haphazard kitchens, are bad news for self control. Piles of paper and dishes in the sink make it harder to resist snacks, especially indulgent foods that make us feel happy.

clean kitchen

If you’re trying to lose weight or make healthier choices, tidying up your environment can help you avoid overeating. Recycling a stack of junk mail on the counter or putting away dishes before sitting down to your meal can put you back in-control. Need a bigger change? Organizing your fridge can help you feel centered every time you reach for a snack.

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