Alright everybody, it’s that time again. Time to open up the windows, turn on your most productive playlist, grab your favorite natural cleaning products and get to work. If you’re having trouble getting organized or just want to get that extra boost of satisfaction that comes from checking off a task, you’ll love these spring-cleaning printables. Print one off and then put it on your fridge, in your journal, on a clipboard or anywhere you’ll see and use it. Whether you use one of these colorful lists or a spring cleaning app, we’re here to help make that big job a little less intimidating.

1. Reusable Spring Cleaning List: The nice thing about this spring cleaning list is that you can use it year after year. That way you don’t miss anything and you can keep track of what you have and have not cleaned. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

2. Visual Checklist: Because color coding is the key to a successful spring cleaning. (via Studio 5)

3. Fill in the Blanks: Since cleaning is never just an annual event, this printable keeps the yearly cleaning tasks all in perspective and allows you to prioritize the tasks that are most important to your home. (via Pinch a Little Save a Lot)

4. Simply Brilliant: Print out one of these colorful checklists every week and you’ll be amazed how tidy the house is by the weekend. (via Thirty Handmade Days)

5. Clean in a Week: Set a little bit of time every day, check these little tasks off one at a time and you’ll have a sparkling clean house in just one week. (via Happy Money Saver)

6. Mini List: Getting into a regular cleaning routine will save you from having to commit days to scrubbing. Instead, set aside a few minutes every day to get done the most important tasks and check off the circle. It’s *almost* fun, right guys? (via Clean Mama)

7. Clean House Worksheet: Obviously, we don’t only clean our houses when spring comes around. If you are getting unexpected house guests or just have an afternoon to whip the house back into shape, these worksheets will ensure you cover all your bases in the least amount of time possible. (via Fab ‘n’ Free)

8. The Ultimate List: This is the ultimate mega-super-cleaning list for anyone who really feels like they need to do a deep clean of the house. (via Little Miss Robinson)

9. Month of Clean: If you break down the spring cleaning tasks over a month, it will seem less daunting. Get the kiddos involved and assign tasks to everyone to make spring cleaning more of a family event. (via Fresh and Organized)

10. Challenge Accepted: Each of these tasks will take about 20 minutes to complete, so if you just start today and follow the schedule for the next 30 days, you’ll have the cleanest house ever by the end of the month. (via PopSugar)

11. Lazy Girl’s Checklist: If you’re not ready to tackle the master list of spring cleaning, this easy little list breaks it up by one room per day. (via Simply Designing)

Would any of these checklists help with your spring cleaning? Tell us how you’re tackling your cleaning projects in the comments below!