Let鈥檚 face the facts: Stress is a normal part of modern life. That鈥檚 right, even if you鈥檙e Queen Bey, stress is part of the daily grind. The thing is, it doesn鈥檛 have to be a BIG part of your life 鈥 if you can manage it effectively. We鈥檝e looked into the daily lives of successful people from all walks of life to bring you advice for managing stress throughout your day. If you want to begin each morning and end each night with little less worry, start with these tips.

Eat Healthy and Make Time To Cook


1. Apple Pie Chia Pudding: Get a fresh start to your day with this make-ahead, healthy breakfast. Chia is a great addition to your morning routine, as it can curb stress and power you through your day. Just ask Gwynnie 鈥 she鈥檚 a total believer in starting your day with chia. (via Brit + Co)


2. Prepare a Healthy Lunch: Life is hectic, so why not simplify things? Fuel your day with filling, healthy food prepared by Y-O-U. With a bit of pre-planning, prep and a way-cool lunch tote, you鈥檝e got some healthy eats that can get you through your busy, on-the-go schedule. (photo via Oh She Glows)


3. Cooking = Therapy: That鈥檚 right, skip take-out and de-stress in your kitchen. It鈥檚 true; the Wall Street Journal gives a great recount on how cooking benefits our mental health.

Make Use of Your聽Lunch Breaks


4. Lunchtime Walk: What you do at lunch can make or break your day, so take some me-time and get out of the office. A dose of sunshine and fresh air can do your mind and body good. Take a 15-minute stroll to let your mind wander and reflect before heading back to a busy afternoon.


5. Happify App: Train your brain, cope with stress and build skills for happiness with Happify鈥檚 science-based games and activities. Set a goal to increase your happiness and use the app to get tips to help you achieve your goal and end negative thought patterns. (Free on iOS)


6. Never Eat Alone ($20): Don鈥檛 spend your lunch hour reading emails and playing catch-up. Instead, use this time to focus and take a mental break from work. Make a goal to have lunch with someone new each week, and you may just be surprised at what can happen.

Unplug and Recharge


7. Moment App: Don鈥檛 let your digital life get in the way of what鈥檚 really important. Moment lets users set daily goals for usage and alerts you when you鈥檙e spending too much time tweeting and Facebooking, instead of focusing on real life. (Free on iOS)


8. Headspace ($2): It鈥檚 important to take a moment to let your mind just be. If you struggle with breaking away from the flurry of emails, messages and to-dos, turn to Headspace. This app provides 10-minute meditation sessions to relieve unwanted stress. (Free on iOS and Android)


9. Desk Stretches: Successful people move, and that means at your desk too. Being hunched over a desk all day puts unnecessary stress on joints and muscles, so it鈥檚 only fair to give 鈥檈m a break with a mid-day stretch. Follow this simple guide to stretching right from your desk. (via A Cup of Jo)

Create a Relaxing Environment


10. Get Green: We spend many hours behind a desk, away from sunshine and fresh air. Bringing a bit of the outdoors in can actually relieve tension by purifying the air around you and clearing your mind. Place these calming plants around your home and work space to stay rejuvenated. (via Happy Interior)


11. Take a Bath: One of the best ways to unwind after a long week is to melt away in a hot bubble bath. Make time each week to transform your bathroom into a relaxation spa and turn to these soothing DIY bath salts to soak away stress. (photo via Om Nom Ally)

Get Organized

12. Desk Organizers ($20+): Keeping organized helps streamline your day and dodge a few headaches along the way. Desk organizers are just one of those things that help amp your productivity, but who says they have to be boring? Bring some personality to the office as form meets function with designer Eric Pfeiffer鈥檚 desk organizers for Evernote.


13. Any.do: If this task manager doesn鈥檛 help you stay organized and on track with your to-do lists and calendars, we don鈥檛 know what will. Any.do can manage to-dos with ease, and it also can remind you to return missed calls, focus on what you鈥檝e accomplished and prep for the next day. (Free on iOs and Android)

Have a Routine For Falling Asleep


14. Get the Right Amount of Sleep: Do you know what successful people do well? They sleep. Check the National Sleep Foundation鈥檚 recommendations to make sure you鈥檙e getting enough hours to be your most productive (and least grumpy!).


15. Thrive ($9): That blue light from your device isn鈥檛 going to help you sleep; in fact, it has the opposite effect. Put down the tech devices and do what successful people like Arianna Huffington do before bed: Read a book.


16. The Happiness Project ($11): Gretchin Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, is an advocate of setting an actual bedtime. If you鈥檙e not getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night, then you鈥檙e depriving yourself of happiness.

Okay, successful people of the world, what are your secrets to managing daily stress? Spill 鈥檈m in the comments below.