In general, pantries can get a little bit out of hand. Between expired food, lost lids, a plastic bag collection that’s in need of some serious TLC and shelves that haven’t been organized since last spring, it’s time for some spring cleaning. TBH, we’re totally in the same boat. To make the project as painless and effective as possible, we chatted with the superman of organization, Jeffrey Phillip, to find out exactly what we should be purging out of our pantry this spring. The truth is brutal, but the end result will be soooooo worth it. Check out his tips and the seven things he says you must throw out of your pantry ASAP.


1. Plastic Storage Containers Without Lids: Plastic containers with lids are great for reuse, but those without lids are definitely useless. You could even get the kids to help you, and make a game out of finding whether or not there is a matching lid for each container.

2. Plastic Takeout Containers: You know those plastic takeout containers with lids that your Thai curry comes in and you think you’ll reuse, but then you never do? Yeah, it’s time to break up with those.

3. Old Spices That Have No Scent: No scent means no flavor. Spices might not have an expiration date, but they definitely do start losing their punch. Avoid disappointment next time you cook up a new dish by ditching your old spices for some fresh ones.


4. Expired Food, or Foods That Are Well Beyond Their “Best By” Date: Everything from the dried goods and canned food in your pantry to old veggies dying in your fridge. You know you’re not going to eat it. Just throw it out.

5. Generic Florist Vases: It was the thought behind the bouquet that counted, not the vase. It’s okay to keep a few for DIY projects, but the key word here is “few.” If you don’t love that vase and have no intention of ever using it again, get rid of it.

6. Printed Recipes You Never Reach For: Let’s be honest here, most recipes you use are on a tablet or phone. Obviously grandma’s lasagna recipe is sacred, but there is no shame in pitching index cards and printed recipes that are cluttering up your drawer space.

7. Takeout Utensils and Packets of Condiments: Yes, they’re cute and convenient, but does anyone ever reach for a tiny soy sauce packet when they’re not eating takeout? Save takeout materials for takeout dinners and clean all those chopsticks and plastic utensils out of your junk drawer.

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