1. Is this the best super group ever? Michelle Obama, who was already the coolest First Lady ever, has just dropped a girl-power anthem called, 鈥淭his Is For My Girls.鈥 The song, released at midnight, is in support of Obama鈥檚 Let Girls Learn, an initiative for the 62 million girls around the world who are denied the right to an education. 鈥淭his is for my girls all around the world,鈥 the chorus rallies. 鈥淪tand up and be heard.鈥 The superstar-packed track features Missy Elliott, Janelle Mona茅, Kelly Rowland, Kelly Clarkson, Zendaya, Lea Michele and lots more, and you can spend the $1.29 to buy it right here.

North on Snapchat

2. Are you following Kim Kardashian on Snapchat yet? Kim joined Snapchat recently, and so far it hasn鈥檛 disappointed. From her sneaking snaps of Kanye singing along to Justin Bieber and, um, himself, in the car, to lots of cute North West cameos, it鈥檚 worth a follow even if the selfies do get a little excessive. But hey, it鈥檚 her Snapchat, she can do what she wants, and we鈥檒l take the extra intimate glimpses into her life. (via @kimmysnapchats)

Face Swap Mulder and Scully

3. Good luck unseeing this face-swapped Mulder and Scully. The face swap trend has exploded in recent weeks thanks to the insanely popular Snapchat filter, and we鈥檙e at the point now where when we see a picture we just assume the faces belong to the other person. This amazing feat, most likely the work of Photoshop, points out that like this, Mulder and Scully 鈥渓ook like a great synthpop band.鈥 CRYING. (via Imgur)

4. A woman in British Columbia tried to escape the police on an ice floe. Look, we鈥檙e not condoning crime, and we鈥檙e not condoning trying to flee the police if you鈥檝e been caught committing a crime, but something about this young woman鈥檚 entrepreneurial spirit really resonates with us, okay? 25-year-old Philicity Rhea Lefreniere was caught in the middle of a break and enter near Prince George in British Columbia. She fled the scene, but the police canine led them to a river where the woman had jumped on a chunk of ice on the water and was trying to escape. She was eventually caught and now faces multiple charges, but the point is, this is the most Canadian thing you will ever hear. (via Buzzfeed, photo via Pool/Getty)

Global Warming Imapcts On Australian Antarctic Territory
Smiley Cat

5. This adorable smiley kitty is the antidote to Grumpy Cat. May Rey the smiling kitten get us all through this Wednesday. (via @coen.ava.rey)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淚t鈥檚 never too late to be who you might have been.鈥 鈥 George Eliot

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