We鈥檝e been on 鈥Miley and Liam wedding watch鈥 for a WHILE now, even speculating that they might have gotten married in secret, but now it looks like the singer鈥檚 politics could be putting a kink in her matrimonial ambitions. The buzz is that Miley Cyrus might be refusing to marry Liam Hemsworth while Trump is in office鈥 yep, the entire wedding may be put on the back-burner for four more years!

Miley Cyrus

鈥淪o many of Miley鈥檚 beliefs are being threatened right now,鈥 a source told Hollywood Life. 鈥淪he wants to take a stand and not get married if others are going to be in so much pain in Trump鈥檚 America.鈥 Miley certainly seems like she鈥檚 willing to put herself on the line (in one way or another) for what she believes in, and, as they say, actions do speak louder than words.

So what will Miley be doing in the meantime? The same source added, 鈥淢iley wants to focus her time on important social issues and not a wedding.鈥 It sounds like we can expect plenty of politically aimed action from Miley in the next four years. Then, when Trump is out of office, we鈥檒l hopefully be seeing one amazingly Miley-esque wedding!

Liam Hemsworth

Hopefully Liam is the patient type, because it sounds like he might have a bit of a wait ahead of him before he gets to say, 鈥淚 do.鈥

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(h/t Hollywood Life, photos via NBC + Frazer Harrison/Getty)