There was a time when, if you wanted a photo of yourself, you’d stop a nice stranger, hand over your camera and ask them to snap a shot of you. No more of that business with the rise of the #selfie. Currently, Instagram has over 250 million selfies and counting — and most of these were taken by (surprise, surprise) millennials. A study by Frames Direct and Now Sourcing has some very surprising finds in regards to millennials and their selfie-taking habits.


Based on a survey of 1,000 young people in 2015, the average millennial spends one hour per week dedicated to selfies — but that’s not all. Since the average number of selfies being shot per week is nine, that means seven minutes is being spent on each pic that’s posted. I mean, that’s not a whole lot considering the amount of time it takes to choose a photo, edit using your photo app of choice and think of a clever caption. Currently 55 percent of millennials are posting their self-portraits (24 percent of Gen X is selfie-ing, while only nine percent of boomers participate in the act). That’s A LOT of selfies.

The study also estimated that millennials will likely take about 27,500 selfies in their lifetime. Whoa. If you take one selfie per day, 27,500 will equal about 75.3 years. And here’s some interesting (and heartening) news: Nothing about age, gender or the number of faces in your photo determines the total number of likes you’re going to get — unless you’re Ellen DeGeneres hosting the Oscars, of course.

No shame in your selfie game.

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