How often do you find yourself doin鈥 it for the 鈥榞ram? We鈥檒l admit we鈥檝e been known to keep social media in mind when we鈥檙e shopping for shorts, planning a wellness vacation, or taking photos of our food. The struggle of Instagram-worthy content is real, people! So real, in fact, that Chase Slate recently conducted a survey of about 2,000 people aged 18-37 to gain insight into millennial spending, saving, and Instagramming habits鈥 and found that we鈥檙e willing to spend $137 for the perfect Instagram post. What does all this mean for our financial futures? We spoke with FarnooshTorabi, Chase Slate financial education ambassador, to learn more about the surprising survey findings and get her tips on how to maintain a healthy budgeting balance (without giving up IG).

Millennial Money Habits

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While Chase Slate鈥檚 survey found that millennials are willing to spend nearly $140 for the perfect Instagram post, it also shows we鈥檙e practicing healthy saving habits. Nearly three-fifths of those surveyed say they鈥檙e 鈥渟uccessfully鈥 saving, and 69 percent have a plan in place to improve their credit score within the year. Travel, experiences, food, and fashion were the highest four spending categories, and more than three-fourths of those surveyed posted a purchase to Instagram within the past six months.

鈥淚 think more than any other previous generation, millennials face great pressure to spend and live beyond their means. There are many more influences 鈥 largely in the general media and social media 鈥 that they have to manage, which can pose challenges when it comes to spending meaningfully and thoughtfully,鈥 Torabi says. However, she notes that 鈥渢he good news is that millennials have more information than any other previous generation with regard to how to save and spend wisely,鈥 like saving apps and online financial calculators to help us stay focused on our finances.

Stay Goal-Oriented

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Speaking of staying focused, Torabi truly believes in the power of the imagination when it comes to meeting your financial goals: 鈥淚t鈥檚 no secret that visualizing goals can be a powerful mechanism for achieving your biggest dreams.鈥 鈥淕ive your money meaning and a sense of direction by aligning your saving and spending with very specific goals,鈥 she advises 鈥 whether that鈥檚 creating a savings account specifically for a vacation or putting all of your side hustle profit into paying down your student loans.

Torabi also preaches the power of accountability, suggesting that everyone can benefit from talking about their goals with friends and family. 鈥淪tudies show that when we share our savings goals with others, we鈥檙e more likely to achieve them. We stay accountable and receive support.鈥

Keep Insta Fresh 鈥 And Still Save Money

Despite her advice, Torabi isn鈥檛 anti-Instagram: She just thinks we should reframe our relationship to the platform. 鈥淪ure, some Instagram accounts are popular for posting tons of merchandise on their feeds, but the Instagram audience also loves to see images that capture fun experiences and positive relationships,鈥 she reminds. Everyone loves a good sunset pic 鈥 even if you鈥檙e taking it from your neighborhood park instead of an exotic beach 鈥 and a selfie of you and your dog on a walk together is way more engaging than a new pair of shoes. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 need to share expensive things to engage well with your followers,鈥 encourages Torabi.

If you are shopping, Torabi suggests 鈥渟haring the experience 鈥 not the purchase. If a particular outfit catches your eye but the price tag disappoints, try it on anyway and snap a photo. Ask to put the outfit on hold for a day while you consider the purchase, and post your photo on Instagram, along with a caption that shares your conundrum 鈥 perhaps something like, 鈥楾o buy or not to buy?鈥 Not only will this give your followers an honest glimpse into your life, it will also help you crowdsource a difficult purchasing decision. If you tag the store and designer, you might even be able to get a discount!鈥 Okay, we鈥檙e definitely using that one.

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