When it comes to style and glam, size certainly doesn’t matter. From dainty stud earrings to wearable tech that keeps you sane, some of the greatest things come in the smallest packages. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for a spring hostess gift, these 12 tiny things pack a big punch.

card bracelet

1. Yellow House Handmade Crystal Card Necklace ($12): Each of these beautiful pieces contains a rough-cut, semi-precious crystal that’s ready and waiting to become your next dainty necklace or bracelet.

hairtie bracelet

2. Bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelet in Flower Design ($45): This piece is tiny but certainly mighty — it delivers impeccable style while camouflaging the hair tie you love to wear around your wrist.


3. Gazel Cora Stone Ring ($24): Imagine all of the outfits that this mini beaut will snazz up. Anything from a plain old t-shirt and jeans combo to gorgeous evening attire will be taken to the next level with this sparkly thing on your finger.

tabou polish

4. Habit Tabou Nail Polish ($18): Sometimes it’s in the details — the fiery red details, to be exact. Toss a coat of this on your nails and you’ll be rocking classic style for weeks. Huge bonus: It’s vegan, so no harm to the animals!

trackr bravo

5. Trackr Bravo in Silver ($30): This piece of tech may be small in size, but it’s massive in headache-saving potential. If your keys are ever out of your sight, this little guy speaks right to your smartphone and tells you where they are before you even have the chance to worry.

silver lining necklace

6. Batsu Maru Silver Lining Necklace ($40): Here’s a little bit of gold and a little bit of silver all in one. Whether you’re a mostly gold kinda gal or silver is your jam, it doesn’t matter, because this babe fits in seamlessly with either.

disco earbuds

7. Bando Disco Earbuds ($16): If you really want to keep it minimal when it comes to music, these teensy weensy disco earbuds are almost undetectable when they’re in your ears — only your dancing will give them away.

utility comb

8. Zootility Tools Headgehog 7-in-1 Utility Comb ($14): From combing your hair to opening a bottle or loosening a tight screw, this 7-in-1 comb has massive functionality crammed into a very small, pocket-sized form.

pyramid soap

9. Equilateral Handmade Soap ($12): There’s something wonderful and whimsical about those lovely little things that you simply don’t need, but that make you so happy anyway. Tiny soaps in the shape of equilateral triangles are absolutely one of those things.

key organizer

10. Keysmart 2.0 Key Organizer ($20): Forget hassling with your keys every time you pull them out of your bag — grab this epic organizer and never again will you be fumbling through a mess of tangled keys.

keysmart accessories

11. Keysmart Super Accessories Pack ($8): Once your keys are each in their place, add some function to the organization with this accessories pack — there’s no reason why your key chain shouldn’t make your life easier.

diamond earrings

12. Matters of Delight Diamond Stud Earrings ($12): The best thing about these studs is that you get to have diamond earrings without the price tag that comes with the stone. Blingin’.

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