Raise your hand if you don鈥檛 like jewelry. No one? We thought so. Even if you鈥檙e not a big fan of statement necklaces, you can still rock bling in an understated way, and we鈥檙e huge believers in that. Dainty and delicate studs are a chic way to look put-together without going overboard. They鈥檙e great because they鈥檙e appropriate for every occasion, from date night to work to lounging around the house. So do your earlobes a favor and snag one (or more!) of these 26 precious pairs.

1. Brushed Gem Outline Stud ($20): Show off the fact that you鈥檙e such a gem by sporting these cutout earrings.

2. Birthstone Stud Earrings ($8): Celebrate your birthday every day by rocking a pair of colorful studs that rep your month. Although we kinda want all 12!

3. Trinity Black Diamond Earrings ($290): We are totally in love with rose gold jewels and this delicate pair shows why. The tiny, black diamond pair is one you can wear every day.

4. Tiny Geometric Duet ($42): Geometry may not be your best subject, but these earrings suggest otherwise. The mismatched studs are so chic, you鈥檒l be teaching everyone a lesson 鈥 in style, that is.

5. Emerald Studs ($230): There鈥檚 nothing more timeless than emeralds. The bold green and gold studs would be perfect for a special occasion, but they鈥檙e also the perfect accessory to rock on the daily.

6. Diamond Ear Studs ($12): These rad acrylic studs are not only affordable, but they also come in different colors. We鈥檒l take one of each, please.

7. Rivet Ear Hook ($90): These hook earrings are the epitome of minimalist. Sold individually, these hooks are super versatile. Pair it with a gold stud, place it in a second ear piercing or buy two for a matching pair.

8. Dot Earrings ($115): Talk about tiny! These tiny little dots are understated and elegant.

9. Stone Studs ($164): If you can鈥檛 resist adding a little color to your ears, these small turquoise stone studs should do the trick.

10. Closet Earrings ($150): If you鈥檙e a fashionista, these cuties are right up your alley.

11. Star + Moon Earrings ($51): We love these to the moon and back. Khaleesi fans will be all about this galactic set, but for those who don鈥檛 watch Game of Thrones (get on it!), all you have to know is that they represent love.

12. Itsy Bitsy Silver Bow Earrings ($8): We鈥檙e a fan of putting a bow on just about anything 鈥 even your lobes!

13. Bar Studs ($230): Cool girl alert! This lovely pair almost makes it look like you have two piercings on one ear.

14. Gold Lightning Bolt Earrings ($25): These sweet bolts will undoubtedly light up your accessory game.

15. Bolt + Heart Studs ($40): We heart this quirky cube duo. It鈥檚 like a pair of dice that only lands on hearts and bolts!

16. Pink Sapphire Studs ($300): A graceful pair like these pink sapphires will make you look pretty in pink.

17. Plume Stud ($110): This unique stud is sold individually so feel free to mix it up, but we wouldn鈥檛 mind wearing one in each ear.

18. Rose Gold Line Studs ($70): Line studs are totally taking over the fashion world right now. They sort of look like you鈥檝e stapled your earlobe 鈥 in the best way possible.

19. CMYK Enamel Studs ($25): Color geeks (aka everyone here at Brit HQ) will swoon over these CMYK color wheel studs. The best part, though? They鈥檒l match with everything.

20. Flat Diamond Studs ($225): Who needs real diamonds when you鈥檝e got these beauties?

21. You Have The Power Key Earrings ($58): Dogeared never disappoints when it comes to jewels with meaning, and the key earrings are a definite fave.

22. Cat Studs ($76): Cat ladies, these purr-fect studs are for you. They also come in silver and rose gold!

23. Ballerina Earrings ($76): There is something so stylish about this dainty pair of earrings. They鈥檙e like a modern take on the hoop.

24. Simple Arc Earrings ($235): Elegant and playful arches will absolutely up your earring game. The pair is discreet enough to wear every single day.

25. Sunglass Studs ($25): Just because summer鈥檚 ending doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 rock cool shades 鈥 on your ears.

26. Tiny Dot Stud ($39): Dress up your ear with a small polka dot, because who doesn鈥檛 love polka dots?!

What is your favorite pair of dainty earrings? Let us know in the comments!