For many, coffee table decor starts with the perfect coffee table book. From there, there are plenty of stylish ways you can arrange your decor, books and living room essentials. The key is creating a look that’s cultivated and visually interesting, without feeling too staged (people need somewhere to set their drinks!). It’s tempting to just throw all the remotes in a tray and call it a day, but after seeing these gorgeous minimalist coffee table looks below, we’re putting it at the top of our decor to-do lists.

1. Trifecta of Simplicity: Sometimes more IS more when it comes to cool, modern-looking tables. This trifecta is so bold that it doesn’t need any accessories to be styled to perfection. (via My Domaine)

2. Minimally Minimalist: This space proves that a minimalist table goes well with minimal, flowery styling. Keeping your coffee table clear of clutter creates a streamlined look that’s sophisticated and relaxing at the same time. (via PopSugar)

3. Mixing Shapes: For a dynamic look, choose decor and accents that offset the shape of your table. Here, a square tray and stacked books balance out a round wooden coffee table. (via Amber Interior Design)

4. Exposed Storage: Display your favorite books and knick-knacks with a set of nesting modern tables. It’s the perfect styling solution when you want to ensure there’s enough surface space on the table for entertaining. (via Style Me Pretty)

5. Modern + Gilded Accents: There are so many great things about this coffee table situation. One: the different-shaped mod tables. Two: the gilded candelabra and concrete candles… (via That Nordic Twist)

6. Keep It Simple: A slim, mid-century coffee table requires minimal effort. A muted ceramic bowl gathers small items, while a small tray takes care of drinks and snacks. (via Jaymee Srp)

7. Lucite Surprise: If you are lucky enough to own a lucite coffee table, place a cool accessory on the floor to stand out. Oh, and don’t forget to place your favorite coffee table books front and center. (via Plastolux)

8. Pops of Color: It is sort of an unwritten rule that you must add pops of color to complete a minimalist room. Case in point? This round table with a bright catch-all dish and colorful coffee table books. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Lots of Books: Books organized into orderly stacks look equally great on a smaller table like this, or even on a large square coffee table. Either way, any idea that lets you show off your favorite reads is a winner in our book. (via House of Harper)

10. A Petite Alternative: For a more space-efficient solution, use a modern side table or tray table instead. This look creates an airy feel while providing a spot to set drinks. As the finishing touch, an oversized pink protea stem adds stylish height. (via Refinery 29)

11. Add Texture: Balance out the lightness of a glass or lucite table with textural accents. In this space, a pair of fluffy ottomans looks oh-so adorable and offers extra seating when necessary, and a metallic pouf fits right underneath the table for easy display and storage. (via Steal Mag)

What’s your favorite coffee table styling idea? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!