You know we love playing with our makeup. We’ve done the cat eye, the smokey eye, the neon eyeliner, the red lip. We’re big fans of matching your makeup to your mood and experimenting with trends. But some days, we’re looking for something a little more low-key. Whether you woke up late or you just need some ideas for your “barely there” look, queue up Pinterest cause we have some pics for you.

1. Shay Mitchell: Shay proves there’s no need for intricate makeup when you’ve got bold brows and A+ mascara. (via Teen Vogue)

2. Kristen Stewart: Our favorite Hollywood tomboy draws attention to her eyes with neutral shadows, but still pulls off a naturally beautiful look. (via uniFrance)

3. Misty: There are days where you’re really too tired to care about makeup, and then there are days when you want the world to think you woke up that way. (via Brit + Co)

4. Rachel Bilson: Naked lips and eyeliner never looked so glam. No wonder Rachel Bilson is at the top of our celeb inspo list. (via Couturing)

5. Jaime King: Hart of Dixie’s other fashion queen looks elegantly natural with voluminous lashes and a pinky-nude lip. (via The Fashion Spot)

6. Zoë Saldana: Everyone wants pink lips that look natural. Zoë achieves it here with a berry-colored lipstick. (via Metro)

7. Sunnie Brook: Here we’ve got two for the price of one — Sunnie’s minimalist look plays up her tan skin and brown eyes, while Kim from eat.sleep.wear. makes a statement with a cat eye and seemingly nothing else. (via Sunnie Brook)

8. Emma Watson: A strong brow, mascara and a coral lip stain give Emma just enough oomph to look elegant for her event, but not enough to look like she’s trying. (via Bella Sugar)

9. Vanessa Hudgens: After Vanessa Hudgens rejected photoshop in her campaign for Bongo, we find it no surprise that she’d rock a minimalist look. (via Liberty Voice)

10. Offbeat + Inspired: Everyday makeup gets an upgrade with a light, smudged smokey eye and an orangey lip gloss. (via Offbeat + Inspired)

11. Lauren Conrad: Where would Lauren Conrad be without her cat eye and California girl complexion? Or really, where would we be? (via Lauren Conrad)

12. Amanda Seyfried: Amanda’s boho aesthetic always makes the undone look enviable. Here, we’re loving her wavy hair and spiky lashes. (via Just Jared)

13. Solange Knowles: It takes a lot of panache to rock an ungroomed brow, but Solange, as usual, pulls it off with a smudged kohl eyeliner and an orange lip. (via Lipstick Alley)

14. Keiko Lynn: We love Keiko and her always spot-on Brooklyn style. A strong cat eye and a mauve lip bring her casual ensemble up to street style-level. (via Keiko Lynn)

15. Dilshad Vadsaria: A swipe of lip gloss and she’s ready to rock the red carpet. That’s the kind of ‘tude that got Dilshad the role of everyone’s favorite frenemy Rebecca on Greek. (via Santa Banta)

16. Brandi Gilliam: This model makes “I woke up this way” look haute couture. (via Brandi Gilliam)

17. Lupita Nyong’o: Queen of our hearts, Lupita’s barely-there yellow shadow brightens up her eyes and balances her rosy cheeks. (via Bedlam Mag)

18. Jamie Chung: A faded-out cat eye works perfectly for Jamie’s face shape, and it calls attention to her gorgeous smile. (via Just Jared)

19. Clémence Poésy: We first discovered Clémence in Harry Potter, and her classic devil-may-care French beauty instantly charmed us. (via Fan Pop)

20. Shailene Woodley: Eco-chic goddess Shailene is an expert at minimalist beauty. We’re betting every product on her face was either homemade or from a fully vetted organic brand. (via SF Gate)

21. Elizabeth Olsen: We love Ashley + MK’s grunge-y, boho style, but Elizabeth’s fresh-faced prettiness is more of our everyday style. (via The Fashion Spot)

22. Kerry Washington: Matching your eyeshadow to your clothes may be passé advice, but Kerry still pulls it off in soft purples. (via Pop Sugar)

23. Gal Meets Glam: Perfectly glossy lips and apple cheeks might be our go-to casual fall look. It’s the perfect combo for our fave upcoming events, like apple picking. (via Gal Meets Glam)

24. Cupcakes and Cashmere: Emily gives a great primer on how to achieve the no-makeup look. A plain face is the perfect way to draw attention to one specific feature — like a bright red lip! (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Is your beauty style minimalist or maximalist? How do you achieve a perfectly unmade look? Share your tips below!