Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but doing the whole healthy, homemade song and dance every morning isn’t realistic for most people. Many of us tend to turn to something easy, like a bowl of cereal — but if you’re trying to eat healthily, store-bought granola isn’t always your best bet. Enter: MixMyOwn, a website that delivers wholesome cereal you’ve designed yourself straight to your door.

MixMyOwn offers three different packages — a starter pack where you get one bag a month, a “double breakfast” where you get two bags and a “happy family” where you get five. One cool thing is that the shipping is included in the prices, and they’re in line with what you’d be paying at your local Whole Foods or co-op.

Another cool thing is the MixMyOwn blog, which publishes in-depth but easy to read posts about healthy eating, as well as spotlights on the ingredients they’re selling in their mixes. It’s a great resource for someone who’s new to this lifestyle, but there’s also lots of info that’s probably new to people who went granola years ago (anyone in the mood for a deep-dive read into muesli?).

When you’re watching your food intake, it’s important to jazz things up so you don’t get bored and fall off the wagon. MixMyOwn is another site jumping on the “real foods” movement, but it stands out due to its awesome blog and well-stocked online store. Needless to say, we’re sold.

What ingredients would you include in your dream cereal? Let us know in the comments!