Folks, Hanukkah starts this Saturday! Don’t forget to show your love of the creative and unexpected in the form of your menorah this season. We’ve rounded up 15 cool, colorful, and modern menorahs we think you’ll love.

1. Slide Magnet Menorah ($225): This modern piece looks like its straight out of the MOMA. Arrange the colors in any order you like and create your own work of art.

2. Reclaimed Wood Menorah ($89): A simple piece perfect for using all year long. For Hanukkah celebrations, kick it up a notch with some of these gorgeously colorful Hanukkah candles.

3. Rainbow Cone Menorah ($250): Adore the colorful simplicity of these cones, and would be happy to have this as a permanent centerpiece

4. Emergency Mustache Menorah ($10): If you’re a hipster on the go, stash this emergency mustache menorah in your bag.

5. Tree Branch MANorah ($27): First of all, girls like tree branches too! Second, this really is such a beautiful piece.

6. DIY Modular Menorah: A genius move for a family celebrating more than one holiday this year? Turn ornaments into a modular menorah. Win! (via Justin Blakeney)

7. The Sabra Menorah ($135): Based on the leaves that come on a sabra (an Israeli prickly pear), this options calls on natural pod-like shapes.

8. Puzzle Menorah ($149): Another colorful number, this can be arranged in a number of different ways and looks great in any home.

9. Architectronic Menorah ($1,195): This menorah is more a sculptural object than a menorah, and we love it.

10. Dachshund Menorah ($120): Leave it to Jonathan Adler to get dachshunds involved. Whimsical and modern all at the same time.

11. Odelia Handcrafted Brass Tree ($190): For a more gilded, vintage vibe, this beautiful brass tree-shaped menorah is a lovely option.

12. Candlesticks Menorah (concept): How we wish this wasn’t just a concept! Such an incredible use of found candlesticks. Might have to come up with a DIY hack on this in the near future… :)

13. Electric Menorah ($40): We’ll close out the roundup with a bit of geekery. If candles aren’t your jam, this electric menorah manages to be sleek and a little bit kitschy all at the same time.

14. LED Menorah ($15): Featured last year right here in our Hanukkah Electronikkah roundup, this kit teaches you all about LEDs and lets you create a mini menorah.

15. Lego Menorah ($12): And finally, lego! Perfect for the kid’s table.

What beautiful and unconventional menorahs have you and your family used to celebrate the 8 days of Hanukkah? Share links and DIY ideas with us in the comments below. Happy Hanukkah!