Hanukkah is a little over a month away, and it’s now or never for getting in a few DIY projects for the festival of lights. From color blocked and metallic to natural and kid-friendly, we’ve found 11 simple DIY projects for a homemade take on the traditionalmenorah.

1. Color Blocked Menorah: These festive candle holders have the pizzazz of your kookiest aunt (or uncle). Impress your friends and family with this technicolor take. (via Confetti Pop)

2. Gilded Wine Bottle Menorah: Everything’s better dipped in gold. Opt for a metallic menorah with this easy paint project. (via Little Miss Party Planner)

3. Glass Bottle Menorah: It doesn’t get easier than this. Start collecting those glass (or plastic) bottles now. Once you have nine, dip them in paint for a whitewashed look that’s chic enough to sit next to the challah. (via Apartment Therapy)

4. Multiple Taper Candleholder: This staggered stack of wooden pillars is sleek enough to keep out all year long. Paint them a single color or in varying shades of blue for an towering ombre effect. (via Inspired by Charm)

5. Menorah-saurus: Amp up a stegosaurus’ backbone with candles in between the plates. (via Bible Belt Balabusta)

6. Citrus Menorah: One orange, four limes, nine Hanukkah candles — everything you need for this project is right in your kitchen. Spruce up your patio or breakfast nook with this natural indoor/outdoor candelabra. (via Houzz)

7. Modern Wooden Block Menorah: Pastry tips act as candle holders for this project. Customize the color scheme of this minimalist menorah to fit with your holiday decor. (via Martha Stewart)

8. Rhinestone Rhinoceros Menorah: Did you really expect a DIY roundup from us that didn’t include glitter + Mod Podge? We’re wild about this sparkly rhino. Grab your favorite toy animal to use as the base for this circus candle holder. (via Aunt Peaches)

9. Branch Menorah: Forage for a sturdy fallen branch for a rustic piece to adorn your tabletop. You’ll need to break out the power tools for this one: Drill eight holes, and slather on a few coats of glittery silver paint ($3). (via Martha Stewart)

10. LEGO Menorah: It’s time to raid the kids’ LEGO collection to build this rad menorah. (via Apartment Therapy)

11. Copper Cluster Vase: Although this isn’t *technically* a menorah tutorial, you could make it one with the right sizes and numbers of pipes — how gorgeous would that be?! (via Monster’s Circus)

12. Rose Branch Candelabra: Okay, same with this one — but how beautiful would this be menorah-style? Very beautiful. (via A Subtle Revelry)

13. Manzanita Branch Menorah: This twiggy take on the menorah also features Star of David cutouts that keep dripping wax from spoiling your fancy-pants tablecloth. It’s one that’s bound to earn your bubbe’s nod of approval. (via Martha Stewart)

It’s time to make — which DIY menorah is on your to-DIY list? Let us know in the comments below.