This Saturday I can’t promise you all a long weekend :( but I CAN promise you five awesome apps you need in your life or at least need to be able to talk about at brunch with your cool friend who knows a lot about apps. I’m basically just asking you guys if you have brunch plans and if I can be that cool friend. Think about it and get back to me, but first, discover new downloads that will save you a trip to the doc, find you a travel companion, a dress or an answer to your organizational prayers.


1. PolkaDoc: I’m not even going to front — I have MADE doctors appointments with the explicit goal to get a new subscription for birth control pills. It happens. This new download uses a secure service to hook you up with that prescription for a $15 e-visit that includes you recording a short video and answering health questions. The toughest thing here is that you’ll need to know your blood pressure. Everything else you can pretty much do from your desk at work. Wow, your coworkers are going to think you’re on a really weird dating app. Anyways, real deal docs will review your request and follow standard protocol to approve it and if all is kosher, it will be ready at your pharmacy in one business day.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


2. Moleskine Timepage: With the bold statement that this is “the most elegant calendar for your pocket and wrist,” (Evernote, Sunrise, let’s get ready to rumble!) your go-to co for jotting down notes is joining the app game and you’ll be glad they did.


As timeless as Moleskine’s paper products are, this new app IS pretty damn elegant, syncing your digital calendars and showing them off in one continuous, easily digestible flow. Sweet little illustrations pack a practical punch of crucial info you might need for your meetings, like directions and weather conditions. Input new events as easy as typing in Drinks With the Girls at 6pm and, you know it, see it all on your Apple Watch.

DL It: $4.99 on iOS


3. Telegram with Aniways: Are you all like, “Ah, elegant productivity apps?! I don’t want to adult today!” Well, nbd, ‘cause I have just the download for you — how ‘bout a keyboard that adds stickers and animations while you’re typing?! As kooky as this app looks, it too has a practical edge. Not only will it offer up boozy emoticons when you text your friend, “Want to have a drink?” It will also suggest places nearby for said drink(s). Cheers to that.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


4. Style Lend: We’ve been keeping tabs on this website that essentially grants you access to your stylish neighbors’ closets so it’s exciting to see it in app form. Like a community-run Rent the Runway, Style Lend lets you look through and list designer dresses in nearby closets so you can rent a (new) friend’s frock or list your own and make some dough along the way. Find the perfect dress for your upcoming event, request it and you’ll be put in a little chatroom with its owner so you can arrange a pickup. They’ll take care of dry cleaning, the selfie of you in the dress on the dancefloor at your cousin’s wedding is all you.

DL It: Free on iOS


5. TravelBud: Whether you’re traveling with a group or flying solo, this app wants to help you hook up with people on a similar journey. Just like those you-know-who dating apps, you set up a profile (which can be you, you + your boo, you + your crew or whomever it is you travel with on the regular) and fine people going places — literally the ones you’re in or going to as well. Sure, sure, it’s tough not to think of this new social network as “Tinder for Travel Companions, tagline: Stop wandering, you’ve found the lust” but you *could* use this to find fellow adventurers while globetrotting in a strictly platonic sense as well.

DL It: Free on iOS

What was your favorite app of recent download? Share the best thing on your phone right now with us below!