Social-media obsessed millennials love to travel so much that studies show they’d take a pay cut to do it more, which doesn’t exactly help a reputation as super-spenders (avocado toast, anyone?). However, despite popular belief, travel doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. In fact, a few simple tricks can significantly cut costs while allowing hardworking young people to treat themselves to vacations they definitely deserve. Not convinced? Here are four smart ways anyone can save ample amounts of cash while seeing the world.

1. Go for the group discount. Splitting the cost of hotels, a house share, or transportation with friends can save you serious cash — especially in situations with legit group discounts. To make the most of your money, look for trips that cover meals, accommodations, and activities at an all-inclusive cost. Topdeck Travel (which offers epic trips for people ages 18-39) is a good example of a company that helps minimize the hassle while hooking you up with an awesome experience. Not sure if a company offers group discounts? Send an email or pick up the phone, because it never hurts to ask.

2. Keep your eyes peeled for flash deals and special rates. Last-minute bookings are a bona fide way to get more bang for your buck, and there are tons of companies and sites that specialize in offering this kind of savings. The HotelTonight app (free on iOS and Android) is a great way to score last-minute lodging at a deep discount, while lesser-known companies — like members-only Secret Escapes — offer luxe accommodations for flash-deal prices that you actually can’t get anywhere else.

3. Consider a house swap. Just like in The Holiday, you can cut costs on travel by setting up a house swap that’ll allow you to visit someplace new for next to nothing. Not able to offer up your apartment because of local laws? Think about housesitting instead — taking care of someone’s home, pets, and property while they’re away sure does pay. We’re big fans of Love Home Swap, which has options in dozens of countries around the world. Cha-ching!

4. Cash in on miles and points. Have you been working hard to earn points and miles while covering everyday expenses? Good for you, girl — there’s no better time to make the most of your benefits by redeeming your earnings to take or elevate your trip. To seriously cut back on spending, cash in your frequent flier miles and credit card points for airfare (Chase Rewards’ customer panel makes this extra easy), accommodations, car rentals, or even cool activities you’ve always wanted to experience. To pull this one off like a total pro, be sure to scope out where you can really reap the greatest rewards; points are worth more in certain categories, and being super-savvy pays off.

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