As busy, multitasking ladies running the world, we know you’re always on the lookout for gadgets and accessories to make your life easier. What better place to find the latest and greatest ideas than Kickstarter? This latest Kickstarter find, MORF, is here to change the way we think about clothing. MORF is a multitasking, morphing shirt that can take on 24 different looks. Yup, you heard that right.


Israel-based designer Tamara Salem is the creative mind behind MORF. With the help of her business partner, Barak Kirschner, she started the Kickstarter campaign to bring her patented design to life. Her design is actually one of the few shirts to be an official, fully registered US patent.

How does this magic work, you ask? Made with double-layered, light weight fabrics, you simply turn the shirt inside out and manipulate the different layers to create different looks. There are zero zippers, buttons, straps or other fidgety parts to this shirt, making it super easy to use.

The shirt is as stylish as it comfortable, making it ideal for coffee runs, brunch with the girls, afternoon walks and even work. Did we mention what a travel savior this would be? Think of all the space saved in your luggage (and your closet) if you don’t have to worry about packing multiple different looks. Spill something on your shirt? Not a problem. Just flip it inside out and you will look like you had a quick wardrobe change. And those days when you wear the same shirt twice in a row (because sometimes laundry just isn’t a priority) will no longer be embarrassing.


MORF has already surpassed its pledge goal, but for a $49 pledge, you can receive a MORF shirt (both men’s and women’s styles are available) in either the original blue shown in the video, or the latest red and green versions. The $49 pledge means you have to wait ’til August to receive your shirt, but for $80 you can receive one of the first 1000 shirts shipped. You can also pledge $150 to buy the dress version, which will be released later this year. We predict that the future of clothing is officially here, and we can’t wait to see if more ingenious designs like this one pop up on the market.

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