Tragedy strikes France once again and online reactions pour in in our top news item today. Check that and more out below.

1. At least 84 people were killed after a truck drove through a crowd in Nice, France, on Thursday as people gathered for Bastille Day fireworks. The French president has called the tragedy a terrorist attack, though at this time, no group has claimed responsibility. Amy Schumer perfectly summed up the exasperation of watching the situation unfold with one simple tweet: “Enough.” Rihanna was in the city for a stop on her Anti tour, but confirmed that she was safe and cancelled the night’s show. Elsewhere, Jamie Chung called the person or people responsible “cowards,” and Miley Cyrus said “We MUST keep up the fight for a more peaceful, understanding world without this senseless violence.”

2. Britney Spears and Katy Perry both released new songs into the world last night. Britney Spears finally released the first single from her upcoming ninth (!!) studio album. The song, called “Make Me,” is a sexy one for summer and features up-and-coming rapper G-Eazy. Check it out on iTunes. Katy, meanwhile, released an empowering track called “Rise,” which will be used in NBC’s 2016 Rio Olympics coverage. Katy said in a statement that she didn’t want to hold the song for a new album “because now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite … I hope this song can inspire us to heal, unite, and rise together.” Check out the epic anthem here.

3. Natalie Portman got really real about balancing family life and a Hollywood career. In a series of emails between Natalie and writer Jonathan Safran Foer, Natalie admits that, when her career calls and takes her all over the world, it’s the ritual at home she misses the most. “I am woefully lacking ritual in my life, which is among the hardest things and best things about my work,” she says. “I will never have the boredom or repetitiveness of an office. But every job takes me to a new place with a new schedule, and it requires a reinvention of ritual each time, even more so with a family. You learn how deeply grounding ritual is when you lose it.” Makes you appreciate those boring weekends at home, hey?

4. Kim Kardashian dished up a pretty epic social media #TBT. So, uh, hands up: Who remembers MySpace? Before it was a strange Justin Timberlake-owned music website, MySpace was a groundbreaking social network, famous for its “Top 8” feature, where users carefully curated who they wanted the world to see as their best friends. Kim shared a screenshot of her “pimped out” profile (OMG remember that?) and OG Top 8, including of course Kourtney, brother Rob, step-brother Brody and, uhh, Ray J (*pulls collar*). Kim goes on to list who her current Top 8 would be, and while Kanye tops the list (duh), she actually leaves off the rest of her family. Burn! (h/t Elite Daily)

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5. This new Juicy Couture campaign revamps the classic track suit in a BIG way. Earlier this year, it was announced that a half-hour TV comedy based on the women behind the iconic velour track suit was in development, and just last month Bloomingdales announced they were bringing the look back in stores. Now, to celebrate its 21st birthday, Juicy is running a campaign with popular models and influencers to show off MUCH more modern looks, with mixing and matching, one-piece suits and more. Check out all the looks on their Instagram.

6. Quote of the day: “I’m trying to figure out how to navigate all this. I don’t have it down. I. Do. Not.” Amy Schumer admits in her new Marie Claire cover story that even SHE gets imposter syndrome sometimes.

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