Happy 4th of July! Here鈥檚 hoping you鈥檙e still basking in your long weekend, looking a little like the sunglasses emoji. Today we look at Zendaya鈥檚 heroic Twitter callout, some surprising lip gloss news, and more in today鈥檚 buzziest news below!

1. Zendaya isn鈥檛 letting this Twitter troll get away with his disgusting and unacceptable tweet. Some master troll with a 鈥渄ark sense of humor鈥 tried to participate in pop culture by tweeting about the movie The Purge, a world in which all crime is legal for 12 hours, saying 鈥淚f the purge was real who y鈥檃ll raping?鈥, with a photo of Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Zendaya. Before you even have a chance to comprehend that someone would put that into the world, Zendaya swooped in and called him out, even replying when he had the gall to tweet at her. The tweet has since been deleted, and a good portion of his timeline is him saying to ~no one in particular~ that he 鈥渉as a dark sense of humor鈥 and that if you don鈥檛 like being offended, Twitter is not the place for you. Sure, buddy.

2. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian had the most ADORABLE date weekend. The two spent their holiday weekend in Washington D.C. with her parents, and documented some of their sweeter moments on Snapchat. The most exciting news was that the happy couple felt the baby kick for the first time, which Rob announced using a goofy Snapchat filter (because why not?). Just as sweet was the low-key date night they Snapped, complete with pizza and lotsa loooove.

3. Rihanna cancelled a Colombia festival appearance due to Zika concerns. The inaugural Lollapalooza Columbia cancelled the entire festival after 鈥渁 headliner鈥 pulled out without enough time to find a replacement, and several Columbian outlets are reporting that it was indeed Rihanna. Time Magazine reports that Colombia has the second-most cases of the Zika virus after Brazil. (h/t Variety)

4. Turns out you鈥檙e not the only one obsessed with Maybelline鈥檚 Baby Lips. One of these lip glosses is sold worldwide every THREE SECONDS, according to Refinery29. Surely their new lip-activated color changing version, seen above, won鈥檛 slow that down.

5. No one can tell this dog it isn鈥檛 flying. Being held over a giant fan, Skeeter thinks she鈥檚 lighter than air, and who are WE to tell her otherwise?! Let Skeeter be your #MondayMotivation. Where there鈥檚 a will, there鈥檚 a way!

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淧roud.鈥 Canadian Prime Minister (and total celeb) Justin Trudeau makes history by being the first sitting PM to walk in Toronto鈥檚 Pride Parade on Sunday.

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(Featured image by David Becker/Getty)