There’s nothing better than enjoying a relaxed get-together with friends, especially when the weather’s on point! Instead of hosting a standard barbecue, consider switching it out for one of the hottest entertaining trends for summer: the Moroccan-inspired outdoor party. We’ve rounded up all the essentials you need, complete with comfy pillows, richly woven carpets, and soft lighting ideas for your next pillow party.

1. Cozy Lounge Areas: Bring the comfort of your living room outdoors by using colorful Moroccan-inspired rugs in a few cozy nooks. Then, create a chill space with oversized pillows and funky ottomans that are perfect for lounging.

2. A Table Display That’s Almost Too Pretty to Eat: Offer your guests a feast fit for royalty by working in gorgeous summer-fresh flowers, eclectic tableware, and luscious fruit like grapes, figs, and oranges. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Pattern and Texture: Whether you’re serving guests on an outdoor table or setting out snacks atop a rich carpet, you’ll need to add eye-catching texture to your spread. Start with something like this Anthropologie Handwoven Macrame Runner ($72) and top off your table setting with boldly patterned plates for extra flair.

4. Color, Color, Color: We’re ooh-ing and ahh-ing over this bright, boho look. Bold and saturated colors are key for creating a vibrant and upbeat outdoor space. (via Kendall-Jackson)

5. LOTS of Details: Too many pillows or lanterns, you say? There’s no such thing. Mix and match authentic and modern decor for a unique take on the Moroccan theme. (via Erika Brechtel)

6. Plenty of Fresh Nibbles: Olives, hummus, and pita chips, oh my! Opt for light dips and fresh foods that display well and work for easy snacking. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. Mix and Match Decor: Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns — it only adds to the ambiance! Instead of a stuffy feel, you’ll be creating a relaxed vibe for your guests to kick back, unwind, and wine it up. (via Cheetah Is the New Black)

8. Mood Lighting: As afternoon lounging gives way to an intimate evening, you have to keep the party going with soft outdoor lighting. Moroccan-inspired lanterns do the trick, and so do these oh-so-pretty West Elm Botanical Pierced Porcelain Candle Holders ($19-$59).

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