Need a bit of color to match the repurposed wooden coffee table you just scored? Well, the latest Pinterest rug trend is here to add that perfect pop of style to your home. Boucherouite rugs — or Moroccan rag rugs — are the gorgeous textiles crowding *all* your feeds. These pattern-filled textiles get their name from the Moroccan Arabic words bu sherwit or “a piece torn from pre-used clothing,” and are made by Berber women who weave thousands of scraps of cotton, nylon and even wool to create elaborate, almost patchwork-like floor coverings. This idea of repurposing old cotton t-shirts into something that makes your apartment shine is right up our alley, so we rounded up our fave looks. From living room statement-makers to cozy bedroom floor coverings, these rugs will bring a little more color and a whole lot of style to your space.


1. Welcome Home: This minimalist boucherouite rug features a bright pop of pink to match both the door and the cushion. Place one of these beauties in an entryway and pair it with cohesive, colorful accents to really make your home shine. (via Vanessa Beletic)


2. Living Color: Layer your rug over jute for a brighter contrast. Whether you’re letting those creative juices flow or putting your feet up after a long day, a bright diamond pattern is sure to spice up any living room. (via Erika Brechtel)


3. Kitchen Pop: This ombre-esque rug creates a bright yet cooling effect. Try DIY painting your kitchen cupboards to match your fave rug and achieve this streamlined color effect. (via Apartment Therapy)


4. Baba Souk Boucherouite Cottage Rug ($608): Bring in some trendy accents and globally inspired baskets to create a colorful and stylish escape. Before you know it, you’ll be sipping Honeybush tea and cozying up with your latest read in this perfectly paired sitting room.


5. Sacred Space: Let’s take traditional interior luxury poolside. You can breathe in the fresh morning air and wet your toes in this transformed and lounge-worthy setting. (via My Secret Beach)


6. Cozy Contrast: Create a dreamy boho bedroom by blending dark and light tones. Then add a pop of pillow color for that necessary finishing touch. With a bedroom like this one, you’ll definitely have a hard time getting out of bed every morning! (via Hesby)


7. Kiddie Corner: Little ones will love boucherouite rugs too! The bright patterns and colors lend an imaginative feel to a naturally playful space. (via The White Buffalo Styling Co)


8. Soak It Up: There’s nothing like stepping out of your clawfoot tub onto a thick, soft rug. Try a simple pattern for an all white bathroom and enjoy the clean and colorful view from above the waterline. (via Apartment Therapy)


9. Creative Nook: Kiss that writer’s block buh-bye and bury your bare feet in a luscious (and perfectly styled) boucherouite. The mint accents and textured wall hanging in this space are totally Instagram-worthy. (via Baba Souk)


10. Four Corners: Why settle for one boucherouite when you can have four? Create a multi-colored and inspired room like this by combining different styles of rugs, colors and textures. Bonus points if you follow suit with your furniture styling too. (via Stereo Fields Forever)


11. Natural Light: A bright boucherouite can take a simple room to the next level. This diamond-patterned rug brings out the textures in the bare brick walls and natural wood floor. (via Rise and Shine)


12. Rockabye Rug: This minimalist space is made bright and beachy with the addition of a multi-colored boucherouite. If you’re ready to get the look on your own, just be sure to add plants for that trendy #jungalow style. (via Decouvrir Design)


13. South by Southwest: Hats off to this gorgeous rug and wicker chair combo. We’re thinking this might just be the perfect place to relax and escape the daily grind. (via Loom and Field)


14. Color Collision: Here’s another example of multiple boucherouite rugs styled just right. To get the look, blend retro and modern furniture and decor and go ham on rug layering. You’ll see that these Moroccan patterns pair well with a wide array of colors and textures. (via The Neotrad)


15. Baby, It’s Cold Outside: We’re headed into that *brrrrrr* time of year again, and with it brings so many wonderful things, like fires, faux fur and fabulous floor coverings. (via Secret Berbere)


16. Baba Souk Boucherouite Kaleidoscope Rug ($485): Boucherouite rugs can be inspiring too! Throw a colorful rug like this one into your kiddo’s creativity nook and get ready for the adorable drawings to start multiplying.


17. Tea Time: A bright boucherouite completes this chill space where we’d like to spend some serious lounge time. Just add tea and a great book, and you’ll be good to go! (via Baba Souk)


18. Old School: What better way to listen to the sweet, sweet sounds of vinyl than with a richly colored runner underfoot? (via Urban Outfitters)


19. Baba Souk Boucherouite Waves Rug ($485): Have boucherouite, will lounge. Hard. For the ultimate reading nook, bring in a thickly woven rug like this one and pair with some boho-chic furniture and accents. Throw in a few natural wood side tables for balance.


20. Soft Serve: Modern props meet old world weave in this pretty space! We love the contrast of fabrics and textures in this uber-stylish journaling corner. (via Baba Souk)


21. Chill Out: A rug can add a subtle accent or a dramatic statement to any room. As you can see here, boucherouites tend toward the latter. (via Baba Souk)


22. Lounge-worthy: Whether decorating your first apartment or giving your current space a makeover, a colorful boucherouite will bring an eclectic edge into every home. (via Baba Souk)


23. In the Abstract: We like art everywhere all the time. Whether you splurged on that fave painting you’ve been eyeing, scored a fab vintage lamp at the flea market or stayed in and DIY-ed it, we believe it should be wherever you look. Why not start with your living room floor? (via Nous Decor)

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