When the Council of Fashion Designers of America announced a few weeks back that it was bestowing a brand-new award to the Instagrammer of the Year, we knew that more than our feeds were in for a sartorial upgrade. After Insta-stalking the eight #OOTD elites 鈥 all of whom were hand picked by top fashion influencers including CFDA nominees Rachel Zoe, the Coveteur and the Editorialist 鈥 it was clear that their hyper styled profiles were also beaming with creative living inspiration, and we liked our hearts away. So 100,000 votes later, an Instagrammer has been officially crowned by his posting peers, and the #winner is: @aguynamedpatrick 鈥 or IRL, Patrick Janelle.

The 鈥淢an about town鈥 is the director of Spring St. Social Society, a debonair NYC-based collective that hosts one-of-a-kind experiences from cabarets to coursed dinners, and his Instas reflect that eclectic creative culture he鈥檚 movin鈥 + shakin鈥 in. Balanced with nom-worthy pics and gorg galavanting, his feed is so exquisitely curated that it could be a lifestyle guide all on its own. Want to live like the most stylish person on Instagram? Scroll through our favorite snaps to see how.

1. Find beauty in everything. The caption reads 鈥淚鈥檓 a sucker for decorative cinderblock.鈥 Turns out so are we.

2. Befriend a badass barista. It鈥檚 not just the Inasta-worthy latte art that we鈥檙e craving 鈥 where can we get our hands on that tortoise shell patterned spoon?

3. Show off your city in a way that no one鈥檚 ever seen. A dreamy portrait of the glow of NYC鈥檚 most iconic skyscrapers, as seen on a sunset bike ride.

4. Master the art of #foodporn, even with the messiest of meals. Get schooled on how to make a jalepe帽o hot dog look its best. The answer: Pantone colored plates and a pink pop from watermelon.

5. Amp up every occasion with bunting. If you ask us, it鈥檚 not a real party until the pendants are up!

6. Go glamping. Duh. We want to peep the closet space inside that studio-sized tent.

7. Know how to desk-cessorize. Enviable workspace? We think so.

8. Take artsy #shoefies. Yes, those red fringed loafers are WAY fab, but it鈥檚 more about the slip ons in this pic: From the clusters on the floor to the color of the chair, everything pops.

9. Give a shot out to your fave makers. What better way to inspire creativity?

10. Shop the BritList. Seriously, this bonkers float is something we鈥檇 totally feature on our weekly roundup of all things wacky + wonderful on the WWW. But that鈥檚 not the only place you can find our curated guide to creative buys 鈥 have you visited the B+C Shop yet?

Who鈥檚 your favorite Instagrammer? Share your most-liked feeds in the comments below!

(h/t The Cut)