Find yourself staring at the wall of your office when you’re actually supposed to be getting work done? We feel you. Motivating yourself can be difficult, but sometimes all you need is just a little push. We have that push for you today in the form of 14 typographic prints found on Etsy. You can even hang one of these up right in front of your desk so the next time you start zoning out, you’ll look straight at it and get back to doing whatever it is that you love to do.

1. Do More Than Exist ($18): Because you’re much more interesting than that rock sitting under the tree.

2. Buy the Ticket ($12): There’s a reason the man could write a book like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

3. No Drama ($12): Mary J. Blige concurs.

4. Be Brave ($12): Merida, Sara Bareilles and William Wallace want to see you be brave, and so do we.

5. The World Is Your Oyster ($9): That it is, friend. That it is. Take all of the opportunities that life has to offer. And live life to the shuckin’ fullest.

6. Life Is Like a Movie ($12+): Take it from the man who created Kermit, Big Bird and all the magic that is Labyrinth. Oh, and became an artist with a home economics major.

7. Au Jour D’hui! ($15): In case you’re wondering, the translation is “on the day of today.” Don’t put things off. Get them done now. We suggest taking some styling notes as well — the vintage books leaning on the frame plus a black Slinky equal success.

8. I’ve Got Sunshine ($24): So much metallic. So much happiness.

9. Work Hard, Play Hard ($9): Looking for a new life motto? Looks like you just found it.

10. Chin Up, Butter Cup ($9): Life always gets better. You know what else? There’s a ton of DIY potential with this print. Grab an old book and a sharpie and get to inspiring yourself and the people around you.

11. Good Vibes Only ($12+): Optimism is key to a happy life. Good vibes are the only ones you should channel.

12. Rise Above It ($15): We (yet again) can’t get over the DIY possibilites. How fun would it be to create this on a rainy day? When you’re done with the poster, use the rest of those watercolor for some excellent Easter eggs.

13. Go Be It ($8): Sometimes the best advice comes in the form of a song. This isn’t just referring to an occupation. Want a more optimistic outlook on life? Start trying to think positively.

14. Let It Go ($9): Cue Elsa and Idina Menzel. You don’t need all that emotional baggage. Just let it go.

Which print speaks to you? Tell us about it in the comments below!