Tired of turkey and have some leftover mushrooms, bread, onions, and cheese from Thanksgiving? Well we’ve got a recipe for you. Our Mushroom Burgers are sure to delight vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. In fact, most of our office preferred these Mushroom Burgers to normal burgers no matter what their dietary preference. Eat them on their own or with a healthy toasted wheat english muffin as bun.



– 2 cups mushrooms, chopped fine

– 2 green onion stalks, chopped fine

– 1 cup bread crumbs

– 1 ½ cups grated cheese (we like a mixture of Jarlsberg and Monterey Jack)

– 2 eggs, beaten

– 1 tsp. chili powder

– 2 tbsp. olive oil

Mustard Aioli

– 4 tbsp mayonnaise

– 2 tbsp Sierra Nevada Porter

– 2 tbsp spicy brown mustard

– 1 pinch of cayenne pepper


– toasted wheat english muffins

– lettuce

– pickled onions

Gather your ingredients.

The preparation is pretty easy. One thing to keep in mind is how fine to chop the mushrooms. We recommend getting them pretty close to the picture below. Mix the fungi, bread crumbs, cheese, and green onions in a large bowl till. Beat the eggs, oil, and chili powder and add them to the dry ingredients.

For mixing, a utensil may get you started, but we recommend you play with your food and hand mix. The consistency should be similar to a raw burger patty, if not, add bread crumbs or oil to get the texture right. Use small handfulls of the mixture to form burger sized patties (we’ve rocked sliders to great results as well).

Now for the fun part! Fry them like a burger over medium heat in a bit of olive oil.

A Few Tricks:

1. Be gentle when flipping these little gems for the first time

2. Flip them ~every 4 minutes

3. Watch for a golden brown crust to form (yep, there is a bit of a fried cheese thing happening here… :)

Time to make the aioli. Mix all ingredients together until smooth.

And now we’re ready to assemble. First, layer a mushroom burger atop half of a toasted english muffin and add a little lettuce…

Pickled Red Onions

Then a few slices of pickled onions…

Some aioli…

Top with another toasted bun and you’re done! Enjoy a new burger and impress a few people with this delicious treat.

Have any great vegetarian recipes we should try? Let us know in the comments section below or give us a shout on Twitter.