Your laptop background is in dire need of a makeover. Even though the image of Yosemite that came with the latest Apple update is pretty boss, it’s the same as everyone else’s and… it’s time to change things up. And that pixelated photo of your parent’s pup on your smartphone? Yeah, that’s gotta go too.

Lucky for you, our featured maker of the week My Friend Court has not one, not two, but FIVE pretty and painterly options for you to choose from. Scroll on to download your favorite one!


Getting lost in a sea of brush strokes is totally acceptable in the summertime.

>> Download Abstract Wallpaper

>> Download ARTY Hard Wallpaper

>> Download Brush Strokes Wallpaper

>> Download Make Your Mark Wallpaper

>> Download Make A Mess Wallpaper


We feel yuh, girl.

>> Download ARTY Hard Smartphone Wallpaper

>> Download Brush Strokes Smartphone Wallpaper

>> Download Make Your Mark Smartphone Wallpaper

>> Download Make A Mess Smartphone Wallpaper

And just like that, your devices are looking way fancier. You’re welcome ;)