With so many beauty trends blowing up the Internet, it’s hard to know which one suits you the best. Should you rock sleek boxer braids? Or are glitter roots more your style? How can you possibly decide? Enter the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This test tool is based on Jungian psychology that helps explain your behavior and why you like and do the things you do, helping identify your Myers Briggs style type and Myers Briggs dating preferences.

There are 16 distinct personalities, each with a variation of extraversion vs. introversion, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. feeling and judging vs. perceiving. Knowing your personality type will give insight into all aspects of your life, including your beauty preferences. Take the test and then read on to see which RN beauty trend is best suited for you!

1. ENFJ: You are a people person who can enter any social situation with ease. Everyone thinks you’re so much fun to be around, so why not embody that with pretty mermaid hair? Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a mermaid, right?

2. ESFJ: You are very giving and loyal, but you crave a little attention from others every once in a while. A chic glossy eye will certainly get you the recognition you need (and deserve) from those around you without overtly stealing the spotlight.

3. ENTJ: As a born leader, you are a girlboss who can tackle everything and anything. You believe in commitment and keeping your image just so — which is why the complicated process of contouring is right for you and your perfectionist ways.

4. ENTP: You’re always up for trying something new, so break out of your usual beauty routine and give quirky colored freckles a go. Since ENTPs tend not to follow through long term, this is the perfect choice, as it can be easily wiped off — and you can feel free to move on to the next trend.

5. ESTJ: You’re detail oriented and all about efficiency, so your beauty routine shouldn’t take long or weigh you down. Boxer braids are ideal, as they’ll keep your hair out of your face and let you focus on your next challenge.

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6. ESFP: Down-to-earth, sensual and fun-loving are a few ways to describe who you are. You love to spoil yourself with luxurious items and don’t care about the cost (that’s what credit cards are for, right?!). So splurge on a Kylie Lip Kit and get the matte pucker you’ve always dreamed of.

7. INFP: Sensitive to others’ needs and fiercely loyal, you are an amazing listener — but you’re also super expressive. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, which is why you must rock some killer full brows to convey every thought and concern.

8. ESTP: You capture the attention of the entire room with ease — just like how mirrored nails will catch anyone’s eye. These chic nails will appeal to your fun and adventurous side, not to mention they’ll keep you from getting bored.

9. ENFP: You’re known for bringing out the best in others, so why not bring out the best in your skin, ENFP? Multi-masking is one of the hottest skincare trends, with beauty mavens wearing numerous face masks at once, each one targeting a different problem area. What better way to multi-task like a boss than with a multi-mask?

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10. ISTP: You often prefer to stay out of the limelight, but you still like to have a little fun. Undercuts are the perfect way to achieve this balance. Keep your hair down when you’re feeling more reserved, or throw it in a bun to reveal a cool hidden design when you’re feeling more at home.

11. INTJ: Known for having original thoughts and being extremely self-confident, INTJs never shy away from the limelight. These are exactly the traits needed to pull off glitter hair. So go for it!

12. INFJ: You seek strong, meaningful connections with those around you, and you’re always looking to forge the best relationships possible. Highlighters are the perfect long-term commitment for you, as a hint of shimmer fits in seamlessly with your daily makeup routine.

13. ISFJ: By nature you’re a warm and friendly person, so what better way to show off your loving disposition than with a rosy eyeshadow? Take a cue from Lucy Hale and rock a cranberry hue for a night out or a deep blush for a style that is HR-approved.

14. ISFP: Kind-natured and always positive, you enjoy living in the moment. That devil-may-care attitude leads you to some unexpected trends — like the tooth gem craze we’ve noticed blowing up our Insta feeds.

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15. ISTJ: The non-tour face is the perfect beauty look for you. As a logical thinker, you know you need a look that’s practical and can be worn to your nine-to-five. This fresh-faced pic of Gigi Hadid is the green light you need to rock glowing skin and natural makeup stat.

16. INTP: You have a childlike wonder about you and are beyond creative, with an imagination that won’t quit. Experiment and express your originality with multi-color unicorn nails that speak to your outside-the-box style.

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