You’ve had at least two decades (or more) to fine-tune your personal style (and girl, you’ve kind of nailed it), but when your favorite stores on- and offline are jam-packed with swoon-inducing summer style essentials, all bets are off. Should you actually invest in that trend-right off-the-shoulder dress? Or are a pair of lazy girl-approved pool slides more your style? The struggle is real.

When you’re stuck in a style rut, referencing your zodiac sign for a bit of fashion-forward insight never hurts (because why not?), but there’s another tool you might want to consider when the wardrobe blahs start to set in — the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The 16 personality types, which consider four categories of comparison, including extraversion versus introversion, sensing versus intuition, thinking versus feeling and judging versus perceiving, give pretty on-point insight into your personal style. Wondering what pieces to add to your closet this summer? Read on to see how you line up!



1. C/meo Collective Midnight Shirt Dress ($185): ISTJs value order and organization, and are known for their practicality, dependability and diligence. Your no-nonsense approach to life translates to a closet that speaks to your need for structure and rules. Shirt dresses are basically your BFF this summer, taking over for your carefully curated collection of wear-anywhere button-downs. Packing both endless versatility and warm-weather appeal, they’ll fast become the pieces you reach for first for every event on your iCal.



2. Madewell Silk Off-the-Shoulder Dress in Palmflower ($150): ISFJs are the bee’s knees — not only are they loyal, considerate and conscientious, but they’re committed and thorough too. Translation: You definitely want to have someone like this in your squad. An on-trend off-the-shoulder dress perfectly embodies their openness and dedication to creating a harmonious environment for everyone around them.



3. Banana Republic Chambray Lightweight Wool Vest ($118): INFJs are motivated, insightful and keen on making connections. Tailored pieces with girl boss appeal — like this streamlined sleeveless blazer — feel right in line with the organized, precise and decisive approach you take to everything you do.



4. Botkier New York Dylan Small Leather Satchel ($228): Honey, you can only be described as fierce. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to put in the work to get it. Not only are you highly independent, but you have high standards and a penchant for quality. Without a doubt, this structured satchel is ready to rise to your haute expectations. The architectural silhouette and roomy interior mean business, while bright blue leather and sleek hardware feel fashion-forward and fun (you can’t be all business all the time, after all).



5. Nasty Gal One With the Flowers Embroidered Denim Jacket ($88): As an ISTP, the last place you want to be is the spotlight, but you’d never turn down the opportunity to exercise those impeccable problem-solving skills. Efficiency and logic are kind of your thing, which is exactly what makes a classic denim jacket your go-to piece this summer. Not only does it go with everything in your closet, making it 100% fuss-free, but it packs plenty of timeless appeal, so you can wear it for years to come.



6. Babaton Gabe Dress ($165): Good-natured, easygoing and self-directed, ISFPs are all about living in the moment and keepin’ it real. Frilly, fussy and over the top just don’t jibe with your carefree vibe, but this minimalist knit number hits all the right notes, especially when styled alongside chic leather slides and sleek baubles.



7. Mother Denim The Love Train Jeans ($258): As an INFP, you like to keep your options open. With your adaptable, flexible personality, you’re not afraid to test drive the latest trends — no matter how wacky. That said, you value loyalty and aren’t about to say sayonara to pieces that have served you time and time again. Enter the pair of effortless jeans that allow you to explore new fashion territory without totally ditching the styles you love. The cropped flare silhouette feels so RN, but still has that old-school charm you can’t get enough of.



8. Westward Leaning Flower 1 Aviator-Style Matte-Acetate and Metal Mirrored Sunglasses ($225): Skeptical, critical, analytical — INTPs prefer getting lost in their deep thoughts over schmoozing and socializing. Oversized shades are their style weapon of choice, keeping things mysterious while warding off unwanted interaction — a girl’s gotta dream, after all.



9. Zara Printed Top ($36): ESTPs live in the moment and easily capture the attention of the room. They’re engaging, active and spontaneous — and their wardrobes should follow suit. With its vibrant print and flirtatious off-the-shoulder silhouette, this eye-catching blouse is practically the ESTP’s personality in a top. Just try and not be the life of the party when you pop it on.



10. Big Bud Press Rainbow Brooch Pin ($17): Wallflowers they are not — ESFPs are lovers of life and face social situations with open arms. It’s only fitting that their wardrobe should be filled with fun, quirky pieces that inject elements of energy and life into even the most mundane days. This playful rainbow brooch is a match made in heaven for ESFPs, mirroring their ability to brighten up any room in a matter of seconds.



11. Mango Studded Sandals ($70): As an ENFP, you just don’t do basic. Your go-get-‘em attitude and confidence mean bold colors and look-at-me styles are always on point. Creative and free-spirited, any ENFP would feel ready to seize the day with these studded stunners in tow.



12. Boys + Arrows Margo the Mess Top ($110) + Petra the Punk Minimal Pant ($110): A mix-and-match swimsuit with major panache will resonate loud and clear with ENTP personality types. Your resourcefulness and aversion to routine make double-duty pieces with limitless styling opportunities particularly attractive.



13. Whistles Jodie Drawstring Romper ($250): You’re a no-nonsense kind of girl, ESTJ, and impractical pieces don’t have a space in your wardrobe. With efficiency and practicality always at the forefront of your mind, one-and-done dressing is kind of your thing. An anytime-appropriate jumpsuit that can be styled on the fly is just what your on- and off-duty repertoire has been missing. Team it with sleek slides for the weekend, then dress it up come Monday with loafers and a poplin top for a getup that’s ready to get down to business.



14. Reformation Violet Top ($128): You’re kind of the total package, ESFJs: Not only are you cooperative and warm-hearted, but you’re also thorough, loyal and hardworking — a combination that can be hard to come by. An airy, elegant top that will straight-up slay whether you’re hangin’ with the girls or crushing that to-do list at the office is therefore a must, and this flowery, feminine number does just that.



15. ASOS Cold Shoulder Midi Dress ($52): ENFJs are like little rays of sunshine; they bring the good vibes wherever they go. You see the good in everyone and want to help others reach their full potential — you’re the person everyone wants to be around, and this lemon-yellow dress embodies your vibrant and warm personality.



16. Coyote Negro O Earrings ($280): ENTJs don’t follow the crowd — they’re natural-born leaders and love taking on new challenges. Streamlining inefficiencies and implementing comprehensive plans are your specialty, so it should come as no surprise that frills-free style essentials that elevate your look without a lot of fuss are your jam. Geometric earrings with a minimalist edge are right up your alley when it comes to accessorizing on and off the clock.

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