Yesterday, Twitter celebrated National Ex Day, a day to celebrate the people you’ve dated that coincided with National Lobster Day —coincidence? Yes. It absolutely is, but still funny and worth noting. Using the hashtag #NationalExDay, millions of people (and brands) tweeted about their past relationships and love advice. The tweets ranged from funny to way too real and were summed up by one smart user who dubbed the day “the subtweet olympics.” Indeed. Let’s take a look at the best ones and what we can learn from them.

1. Shade. Thrown: This tweet reminds us not to dwell on our exes overmuch. Also, I’ve found people with that first name to be, in general, especially clever.

2. Light Beer, Deep Thoughts: For a bland beer, PBR certainly expresses a nuanced message. Don’t let yourself become a social media stalker. Instead, move on with your fab new life.

3. Thanks For The Memories: Entrepreneur and Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham posted this pic of her ex Simon mid smack. The two broke up (likely due to that weird “waiting is for ugly girls” comment she made) but both of them look like they remember each other fondly. Take this as a lesson: just because your relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean it’s worth forgetting.

4. Love, Animal Style: After every breakup it’s important to evaluate what you really want in a potential partner. Realizing your actual needs is an important step towards finding the best partner for your lifestyle.

5. Best Thing You Never Had: It’s important to come out of a breakup with a strong sense of your own self worth. You deserve love and you deserve better. After some time alone or QT with friends, you’ll be ready to hit the scene again remembering the kind of treatment you deserve.

6. A Pizza My Heart: Never lose sight of this fact: being single is AWESOME! Revel in your new freedom and enjoy all the solitary pleasures you missed out on while in a relationship. Remember how fun this time is if you ever feel self doubt. And remember that the only relationship that truly defines you is your relationship with yourself…and pizza.

How did you get over your ex? Tell us in the comments!