If you haven’t noticed, we LOVE Halloween over here. While we’re *all* for going above and beyond, sometimes turning to your own closet is the best — and easiest — way to get in the spirit. This nerdy couple’s costume idea does just that. Dust off your favorite old sweaters and button downs then put your pattern-clashing skills to the test. The bolder and goofier the ensemble, the better! There’s no way to go wrong with this A+ costume. Scroll below to see how we get it done.

diy nerd COSTUME for a lady

DIY Girl Nerd Halloween Costume

Materials + Tools:

  • puffy sleeve button-up shirt
  • gingham sweater vest
  • children’s suspenders
  • tweed skirt
  • sneakers
  • aviator sunglasses
  • headband
  • fringe earrings


1. Bust out the frames of the glasses.

2. Use children’s suspenders to get the high-waisted look.

3. Style hair in a high sock bun and accentuate it with a thin headband.

4. Top off with a pair of neutral pink fringe earrings or anything over-the-top. Bonus points if they are clip-ons!

diy nerd costume for a gent

DIY Boy Nerd Halloween Costume

Materials + Tools:

  • puffy sleeve button-up shirt
  • four different plaid shirts
  • bold suspenders
  • high waisted/skinny pants
  • aviator sunglasses
  • crazy socks


1. Put on your base shirt.

2. Cut off the right front portion on another shirt, and hot-glue it over the right of the base shirt.

3. Do the same with another shirt for the left side.

4. Remove the pocket of your fourth shirt and apply to the sides of the base shirt.

Nerd Couple's Halloween Costume Gif

(All photos by Brit + Co)

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Production, Hair, and Makeup: Misty Spinney

Photography: Kurt Andre